Valknut Jewelry: Worship Odin and Accept All Challenge

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Valknut Jewelry: Worship Odin and Accept All Challenge

The Vikings had many interesting symbols and many of them have become the inspiration for the modern artwork. Among them is the Valknut symbol of Odin the Allfather who was the chief god of Asgard in Norse mythology. 

What is "Valknut" symbol?

"Valknut" meant "The knot of the fallen". It was a combination of two words "Valr" meaning "the fallen" and "knut" meaning "knot". We can also catch sight of the prefix "Valr" in "Valalla" or "Valfather" all of which belonged to Odin. While Valhalla was the Great Hall of the Fallen ruled over by Odin the Allfather, the latter meant "the Father of the Fallen" denoting Odin welcoming the deceased into Valhalla. 

Although we lack literal evidence about the Valknut symbol, we have some archaeological evidence of the Valknut symbol. The most famous one must be the Stora Hammars located in Gotland, Sweden. 

Valknut symbol in Stora Hammars Viking archaeological evidence

Valknut appeared on the Stora Hammars Stone. The archaeologists believed that this was a sacrificial scene.

The meaning of Valknut in jewelry

 A piece of Valknut jewellery worn on the body should carry meaning.

Worship Odin

Wearing a symbol of Odin the Allfather means the worship of Odin the Allfather. This was historically common in the Viking Age. The archaeologists found out many Thor hammer pendant in the Viking sites which cemented the point that the Vikings once wore Thor hammer pendant as the cult of Thor in their belief. 

Accept all challenge

Any Viking warrior accepted any battle and they always welcomed the battle with both of their arms. If they chose to follow the life of a warrior, they worshipped Odin. And if they worshipped Odin, they desired to come to Valhalla. And to come to Valhalla, they had to live and to die as a real Viking warrior. 

Valknut necklace is a sign of Odin worshipping

Viking Valknut pendant is the symbol of Odin worshipping 

The standards to become a real Viking warrior was to accept all battles and even death if necessary. In the modern age, there are no battles like the Vikings but we have many pressure and challenges awaiting. This is the time for us to decide whether to step forward to accept all challenge or to step back and let all opportunities to slip through your fingers. 

Valknut symbol reminds us that to accept the challenge doesn't mean you have no fear. Rather, you accept to encounter and live with fear to achieve what you love in the battle. 

The power of three

As we know, the Valknut symbol is three interlocking triangles pointing upward. In Norse mythology. Number three is a sacred number which is associated with many important events and figures in Nine Worlds:

Odin's symbol ring

Odin's Symbol Ring showcases the power of three in Norse mythology

  • Three brothers (Odin, Vili, and Ve) formed the worlds from the body of Ymir the Giant
  • Three Norns created the fate of all beings in the cosmos
  • Odin was the chief god of the third generation of Aesir gods
  • Yggdrasil the Great Tree had three roots supporting to hold Nine Worlds
  • Odin endured three hardships to get the knowledge of runes: hanging himself, stabbed with his spear, and suffering from hunger and thirst
  • Loki had three notorious children: Fenrir the Wolf, Jormungand the Midgard Serpent, and Hel the Queen of the Dead 
  • The Midgardsmen had to endure three winters without a summer in between when Ragnarok broke on the sky. 
  • Three sons of Odin survived Ragnar: Baldur, Hodr, and Vidar
The Valknut symbol is nothing majestic in the appearance but also meaningful from the inside. A little reminder is that either you wear a Valknut jewelry piece or a Valknut tattoo, it is highly recommended that you let the symbol pointing upward. The triangle itself symbolizes leadership. A good leader should bring the whole clan to reach a better goal which should be "upward".

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