Tune Ship: Viking Fastest Ship Ever Found

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Tune Ship: Viking Fastest Ship Ever Found

It has been about 150 years when the Tune ship was finally revealed to the public eyes. Thanks to the technological equipment, we now have the chance to witness the ship in reality. It now seems likely the Tune ship could cross the North Sea powered by a sail large enough to make it the fastest Viking ship ever discovered.

Compared with ships like Oseberg or Gokstad, the Tune ship was much smaller. But it had the stronger mast support that allowed the ship to be faster. The archaeologists believed that the Tune ship once delivered a very exciting performance across the ocean. Though there were the oar holes, no oars were found inside the burial mound. 

Viking Tune Ship

The archaeologists carried out the excavation of the ship at the Haugen farm on the island of Rolvsoy, Tune, Ostford, Norway. And that's why the ship was named Tune Ship. 

The ship is possibly 18.7 meters in length (~6ft) and 4.2 meters in width (14ft). 12 pairs of oars were for the ship. 

However, the cargo capacity of the Tune ship was not good. It would be much suitable for the Tune ship to carry light goods like fur or glass. The ship was even perfect to carry people quickly from one place to another. This was a very important quality for the warship of the time. 

Tune Ship

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