Three Times Thor Got Embarrassed in Norse Mythology

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Three Times Thor Got Embarrassed in Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Thor was one of the most powerful gods whom the giants did not dare to approach. Thor was the symbol of strength, will, protection, and generosity. However, there were also times which we see the Embarrassed Thor in Norse mythology. 

Wearing Wedding Dress 

This occasion happened when Thor lost his Mjolnir hammer the most powerful weapon in Norse mythology. In the morning, Thor woke up and found out that his Mjolnir hammer was nowhere to be found. By some magic ways, the gods found out that the hammer theft was Thrym "Noisy". On arrival at Thrym's house, Thrym without any sign of fear confirmed that he stole the Mjolnir. The only way for the gods to take back Mjolnir hammer was to allow Thrym to marry Freya. For those who are yet to know, Freya was the goddess of war in Norse mythology. Everyone, especially the giants and the dwarves, fell in love with Freya. 

The gods turned back to Asgard and told what happened in Thrym's house. Of course, no one agreed to let a giant marry Freya. Heimdall the guardsman in Asgard finally came across an idea: Thor would become the bride of Thrym. At first, Thor felt this was an insult for a god like him but he was quickly persuaded to become the bride in order to take back his hammer. No detail about the dress can be found now in the texts. Loki the trickster then asked to go with Thor to Thymheim. 

The pair finally arrived at the gate of Thrym's house and the dinner party began. Thor seemingly showed no respect to the guests at the party when he finished an ox, eight salmon, and all the dainties. Thrym was quick astonished and exclaimed that he had not seen any woman with such appetite. Loki quickly answered that "Freya" was so lovesick for Thyrm that she did not eat for days. Thrym was happy and accepted the answer, he turned back to his bride and was about to kiss her when he realized his wife's eyes were completely red. Loki one more time quickly said the "Freya" was unable to sleep because "she" was so excited about the wedding. 

Thor with the bride dress in Norse mythology to take back the Mjolnir hammer

Thor smashed everything at his own wedding when he finally took back his Mjolnir hammer

And the gift for the bride was the Mjolnir hammer. When Thrym placed the Mjolnir at Thor's laps, he could not help shivering for one more time he could finally feel his Mjolnir hammer. Thor as quick as a flash grabbed the Mjolnir hammer and smashed Thrym.

Lost to Elli

On one trip to Utgard Loki's land the land of the giant, Thor met many giants whose king was Utgard Loki. The giants laughed at the arriving guests because of their small size. This insulted Thor and he decided to take any challenge from the giants to show his strength. And there we go, the gods joined the competition with the giants. Thor stepped in the middle of the giants' hall asking anyone to wrestle with him. The only one volunteered was Elli. 

The thing was, Elli was an old woman. She could not even stand with her back straight. But Thor had to accept the challenge. Much to everyone's surprise, Thor lost the game. He was defeated by an old woman with some simple steps.

Thor and Elli at their wrestling battle

Thor and Elli at the wrestling battle

The story behind Elli was, she was the embodiment of old age. Who in the cosmos could beat old age? The universal truth was everyone would be defeated by old age. 

Unsuccessfully fishing Jormungand

This was also the first time Thor encountered Jormungandr his destined enemy. On this occasion, Thor came to the house of his giant friend. And the two decided to set sail to find some fish. The bail was ox head and off they went on a small boat. 

The pair was adrift on the ocean until Thor felt his fishing rod shake. He quickly grabbed the rod and was about to bring up whatever touched his rod. Thor and his giant friend quickly realized what was under the waterline. It was Jormungand. Thor was so excited that he shivered for the first time seeing Jormungand. Meanwhile, his friend was so afraid because the prophecy stated that when Jormungand lifted himself from the ocean, Ragnarok happened. To prevent his disaster, Thor's friend cut the fishing line. This released Jormungandr back to the ocean. Thor was so angry with his friend that he pushed the giant off the boat. 

If at that time, Thor managed to fight with Jormungand, things would have been changed. 

Thor fished Jormungand

Thor went fishing Jormungand 

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