Three Less Known Norse Creatures, Yet Powerful As Gods

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Three Less Known Norse Creatures, Yet Powerful As Gods

Norse creatures were full of mysteries. Their stories were a great source of awesome things. However, it seems like Norse mythology always revolved around Norse gods, leaving many other creatures into oblivion. This will list out 3 less-known Norse creatures who were as powerful and awesome as gods.


Sigyn was not a popular name for those who just have read Norse mythology. Sigyn was the name of Loki’s wife. And she was widely accepted as the giantess of fidelity and she was the best model of traditional wife.

The most famous time that Sigyn appeared was when she helped Loki during his punishment.

For killing Baldur the Son of Odin, Loki was punished severely in a cave. He was bound to the rock by the entrails of his own son. That deceased son was the son of Loki and Sigyn.

Loki's punishment in Norse mythology

Even though Loki had done a lot of nasty thing, not to say heart-breaking to Sigyn, she chose to stay with him. The most savage part of punishment was that Skadi placed a snake above Loki’s head. Every time the venom dropped onto the face of Loki, he writhed in agony. But Sigyn was there with a bowl to collect every single drop of the venom.


Elli was the name of an old female giant. She appeared once in Norse mythology in the combat with Thor.

It was during the journey to Utgard-Loki of Loki and Thor that they met Elli. Thor challanged anyone in the Hall of Utgard-Loki to step out to do a wrestling competition with him. The only one that dared was Elli an old woman.

Surprisingly, Elli won the competition. It was an insult to Thor to lose a wrestling combat with an old woman.

Later, Utgard-Loki revealed that Elli was actually “Old Age”. She was the embodiment of Old Age. It was a reminder that no one in the cosmos could escape old age even if they were gods.


Vidar was a less-known son of Odin. Prior to becoming the God of Revenge, Vidar was known as the God of Silence. Because most of the time, Vidar spent his time sitting in the garden of his own. He gazed into tha air saying nothing. No one knew what was inside Vidar’s head because he remained silent all the time.

But the last straw that made Vidar re-acted for the first time was his father’s death (Odin’s death). In Ragnarok, Odin was destined to be swallowed by Fenrir the wolf.

Vidar was son of Odin in Norse mythology. He was the one who sought revenge for Odin's death.

And there Vidar sought revenge for his father’s death. He wore his magical shoes that were designed to be used for this moment only. He stepped one foot into the jaw of Fenrir. A hand of his tore the upper jaw of Fenrir away. He had slain Fenrir the Monstrous Wolf becoming the Norse God of Revenge.

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