Thor's Jewelry: Mighty Strength, Bravery, and Generosity

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Thor's Jewelry: Mighty Strength, Bravery, and Generosity

In Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin the Allfather who ruled over Asgard and Valhalla the Great Hall for the Fallen. In the modern age, Thor is among the most famous Norse gods because of the successful modern adaptation. 

Thor was the god of Thunder and Storm who always wielded his Mjolnir hammer to deal a deadly blow to the enemy. Thor seemed to be fierce and brutal to his enemies but he was kind and generous to his people (Thor's worshippers). Viking archaeological sites are reported that the archaeologists have found many Viking artifacts that cemented the cult of god Thor. 

The most common Thor's artifacts that they have excavated are the Mjolnir hammer pendant. At first, they just suspected whether this Viking jewelry piece depicted Mjolnir hammer or something else. But with the excavation of the Mjolnir hammer on the Danish island of Lolland, they are sure that the pendant was actually in the shape of the Mjolnir hammer because the runic inscription confirmed that "This is a Hammer".

Mjolnir hammer of Thor god of thunder and storm

Thor Mjolnir hammer artifact which was carved with the runic letters "This is a Hammer"

Overall, the Vikings once worshipped Thor for his mighty strength, bravery, and generosity. 

Mighty strength

Thor was mighty and no one could ever doubt it. Although Thor was not the strongest man in the Nine Worlds, he once lifted the Jormungandr, the serpent encircling the world, above the surface. 

With the Mjolnir hammer, Thor's power was doubled. In Norse mythology, all of the giants feared the sound of thunder and storm because once there came that sound, Thor was about to slay someone. 

Thor Hammer Viking Jewelry Pendant found in the Viking archaeological site

Viking Mjolnir Hammer pendant artifact

Viking jewelry of Mjolnir hammer captures all the mighty strength of Thor and instils it into the wearers. If the mighty strength of Thor in the mythology was to slay his enemies in a kind of brutal way, the modern sense of strength with Thor Hammer jewelry alters. It is the strength to step over fear and pressure in life. This is not only physical strength but also mental strength to cope with any life adversity. 


If someone tells you that Thor ain't brave, that mentioning "Thor" isn't the "Thor" that we know in Norse mythology. Because in Norse myth, Thor was so brave that sometimes I feel he was bold and somewhat reckless. 

Thor was among the few Norse gods that dared to travel to the land of the giant himself.

He once went fishing in the ocean where he almost caught Jormungand, his sworn enemy. When he knew that Jormungand took the bait, he was determined to catch the serpent. If he had caught Jormungand, there would have been a duel. But Thor showed nor fear even if he knew nothing about this giant enemy. 

The spirit of a brave warrior is condensed into the Viking Thor jewelry. In this day and age, being bravery isn't simple. We have to encounter many difficulties and hardships in life. As time goes by, we are left exhausted in the middle of the hustle and bustle. 

 A replica of Viking Mjolnir Thor Hammer pendant

A replica of the Viking Mjolnir hammer pendant 

Thor Mjolnir Hammer Viking Ring

Viking Raven Thor Mjolnir hammer ring 


Everyone has fear. We have no control over our fear but we have the right to decide to carry on or abandon everything. That's the line between being brave and not. Being brave doesn't mean being fearless. Rather, bravery is the acceptance to live with fear encountering and dealing with it. 


Thor offered to his people blessings whenever he dropped by. In Norse mythology, Thor would travel to the land of Midgard and he would offer his blessings to many formal ceremonies like birthday, wedding, etc. 

He was also ready to defend his beloved ones and his people. 

Thor vs Jormungand the Midgard Serpent

Thor vs Jormungand the Midgard Serpent where Thor almost caught the serpent 

Thor was generous and he would protect what he loved and held dear. That was believed to be among the reasons why the Vikings worshipped Thor. The Vikings lived in the time of political chaos and in the harsh weather, desire for glory and safety for their family always burnt inside them. 

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