Thor Symbols: Strength, Courage, and Generosity

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Thor Symbols: Strength, Courage, and Generosity

In Norse mythology, Thor was one of the most important gods who came from the Aesir tribe living in the land of Asgard. By far, the reputation of Thor has rocketed to the stardom, even far greater than Odin the Allfather who was the ruler of Asgard. In this blog post, we are going to discover Thor’s symbols which presents strength, courage, and generosity.

Mjolnir hammer

The most important weapon that Thor never went out without leaving it was the Mjolnir hammer. In Norse mythology, all of the giants in the cosmos feared the hammer of Thor. Because everytime Thor struck his hammer, a giant would be dead.

The Mjolnir hammer was gifted to Thor by Loki who travelled to Svartalfheim to ask the dwarves to make weapons for gods.

Mjolnir Thor Hammer never missed a target. Once Thor hurled it away, Mjolnir would hit something before returning to the hand of Thor.

Thor's hammer

Because of the damage level that Thor hammer gave, Mjolnir hammer has become one of the most powerful symbol of strength in Norse mythology. In the modern time, it is not merely the symbol of physical strength but also the symbol of mental power and great determination.


Many people may ask how Thor was associated with the word “generosity”. Because all we can see about this character is a muscular man who could deal with any kind of giant in the cosmos. But the truth was, Thor was also a god of generosity and fertility.

Because in many formal ceremonies in Midgard, Thor was believed to appear and bless those who worshipped him.

Goats in Norse mythology

A symbol of Thor that tells us about his generosity is his pair of goats. Norse mythology had it that Thor would ride on a chariot pulled by his goats to cross the skyline. But why goat was associated with generosity.

In the past, goat was among the wild animals that got tamed. A goat could provide the humanity with multiple kinds of things like meat, fur, milk, and even bones for décor. Accordingly, the symbol of goats also evokes something generous and friendly.

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