The Vikings: One of The Best Settlers On Earth

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The Vikings: One of The Best Settlers On Earth

Even the Viking glory has long gone, they seem to never disappoint us whether in literal texts or archaeological evidence. They did kill their enemies in the most brutal ways. Yet, no one could ever doubt Viking colonizing skills. Historically proven, the Vikings were one of the best settlers on Earth. 

The Vikings travelled and left their traces everywhere they went to, especially England. The Vikings influenced the locals a lot which can be proven by the fact that many of English words came from the Vikings. Place names were also among the most important source of Scandinavian influence. 

Viking expansions

Map of Viking expansions

By far, the scholars have been disputing what the major reason for Viking expansions was. Originally, they started their voyages and carried out hit-and-run attacks. Later, it became territorial expansions which allowed them to settle in the new land, learning new things from the locals and influencing the locals there as well. 

The reasons for the Vikings expansions included the overpopulation in Scandinavia, desire for women, desire for wealth, social rank, etc. 

Bjorn Ironside Son of Ragnar Lothrbok: the Vikings were one of the best settlers on Earth

Viking warriors often fought for fame and fortune

In the past, the Vikings travelled to Britain, Ireland, the European mainland, and North Atlantic as well. One of the first Viking attacks which were also one of the most famous attacks was the attack on Lindisfarne monastery in Northumbria an Anglo Saxon kingdom at that time. Many of the surviving sources mentioned it as a landmark for the Viking glory declaring a nightmare befalling Anglo Saxon and the Christians as well. 

During their settlement on new land, they learnt new knowledge and even got exposed to new religions. This was easy to understand because the Vikings worshipped Odin the Allfather who had a burning desire for knowledge and wisdom. For the Vikings, knowledge was always welcome no matter what form it might take. The Vikings once learnt fort-building techniques and applied it and built the Viking trelleborg. The archaeologists concluded that the Viking ring-shaped forts nearly reached geometrical perfection. 

Viking trelleborg fort seen from above

Viking trelleborg was the ring-shaped forts once protecting the Vikings

They got used to a new environment quickly. Because Viking belief was a kind of polytheism which allowed them to believe in multiple gods. And that's why the Vikings somehow found it easy to accept other religions. 

Because of this trait, the Vikings found it easy to settle down in new lands. Although they sometimes had to abandon their newly-settled places, they had make a strong influence on other lands. 

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