The Viking axe - An effective weapon in Viking age

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What is Viking axe?

The Viking axe revolutionized the face of war in the duration of history we now call the Viking Age. During this 300 year period of time, Viking warriors were feared and appreciated around the widely known world for their use of weapons, but they acquired a special reputation for their use of the axe.

How was Viking axe used?

Viking axe

In Viking Age Scandinavia, the axe was the common item used by every farmer. Even the poorest farm must have an axe for cutting and splitting wood, so from childhood, everyone who raised on a farm knew effective ways to use an axe. This tool was quite versatile and could be utilized in a variety of ways such as building a house, vessel or boat, on smaller duties on a farm, for hunting, as well as in combat.

Because iron and iron tools were high priced, and since it was a tool used since childhood, the axe became the personal weapon of the farmer. From this beginning, the everyday tool of the ordinary farmer was turned into the game-changing Viking combat axe.

Why is Viking axe becoming a fashionable item?


As a weapon, the axe had occurred of fashion trend over a long time, but when the Vikings improved the old design, they brought the axe back into fashion with a vengeance. Although there was a wide range of Viking axes, they all fell into two essential categories, the one-handed axe, and the larger two-handed axe.

Being light, quick and well balanced, the one-handed axe proved great adaptability when used as a weapon. It could be used in a variety of clever combat moves and was great for speedy attacks. Perhaps its thrown, used to manipulate an opponent and an opponent's equipment, or swung to deadly effect. As the combat potential for the one-handed axe was realized, special axe head shapes were designed.

Do you love Viking axe?

The Viking axe leather bracelet
Numerous people assume that it is harder to combat with an axe than a sword, but in some conditions, a Viking axe can be more helpful than a sword or other edged weapons, as all the force from a Viking axe blow is concentrated into a small section of the blade, offering the axe enough strength to cut through armor, helmet or shield. So are you interested in the power of this Viking axe?

Now, Bavipower design a bracelet used this Viking combat axe. This jewelry named Viking Axe Leather Bracelet

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