The Only Way Human Could Travel To Asgard

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The Only Way Human Could Travel To Asgard

The most favorite place that the Norsemen wanted to spend their afterlife was definitely Asgard. It was located up in the top of Yggdrasil and there dwelled the Gods. There was the only gateway from Midgard to Asgard in Norse mythology, Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge.


The rainbow bridge appeared in texts from surviving materials of Norse mythology. The bridge was described as a fleeting and unstable rainbow that touched the Earth from stronghold Asgard. Some Norse tales told us that Odin created Bifrost bridge with three fundamental elements: fire, air, and water. 

Image of Bifrost rainbow bridge

Bifrost the Rainbow bridge

"Bifrost" had the original form as the “Bilröst" which could be translated into "the fleetingly glimpsed rainbow". In the modern sense, the word has become "Bifrost" which properly meant the same "the shaking rainbow" or "the shimmering path". 


Bifrost the Bridge had a certain role in Ragnarok one of the most famous events in Norse mythology. Ragnarok was the Destruction of Gods. It was a series of disasters befalling the Norse worlds to turn the cosmos into a chaos. The death of Baldur Odin's Son marked the first sign of Ragnarok causing waves of fear and terror to many creatures in the cosmos as Ragnarok was looming large on the horizon. Heimdall Asgard guardsman guarding on the Bifrost once blew the horn to alarm that Ragnarok did begin. The destruction of the Bifrost was also prophesied with the prophecy of Ragnarok. As the giants crossed the Bifrost entering Asgard to fight their battle, they crashed the Bifrost into pieces. 

Image of Heimdall blew his horn

Any stronghold must have a guardsman to make sure the uninvited couldn't enter. Asgard was the holy place of gods with power and magic so the guardsman must not be an ordinary person. His name was Heimdall. Odin fathered this God and he had many mothers who were nine Sea Maidens. One day Odin was wandering the seashore only to be captivated by the beauty of nine Sea Maidens. He married them and their products for their love affair was Heimdall. 

Heimdall was supposed to guard the Bifrost the holy gateway in his fortress located at the place where Bifrost just touched the land of Asgard. Heimdall was the first god to see the first sign of Ragnarok right in front of him. 

His appearance was as majestic as his father and siblings. He was tall, handsome, always shining. With the special way of nourishment, Heimdall became knowledgeable and very keen hearing and eyesight. He even needed the less sleep than birds. During the Ragnarok. Bifrost was crashed. Heimdall and Loki clew each other. 

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