Sö 90 Runestone: 1000-Year-Old Stone Standing

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Sö 90 Runestone: 1000-Year-Old Stone Standing

Viking Runestone seems to have an endless mystery to those who are interested in Viking culture. Sö 90 Runestone is one of the obscure Viking runestones still standing until the modern time. 

Södermanland Runic inscription 90 or Sö 90 is one of the remains along the road when a visitor travels around Lake Malaren. By far, the historians are yet to declare the age of this stone. Some guess the runestone is more than 1000 years old. 

Sö 90 Runestone Viking Runestone

Sö 90 Runestone

Sö 90 Runestone

The stone can be seen easily along the way

It stood in the field of Hammarby. And for centuries, no one dares to disturb the stone. It was during the 1800s that people felt that the stone was hindering a farm construction. Thinking that this stone held no value, the farmers decided to blow off the stone with explosives. Pieces of the stone were left scattered about. 

It was not until the 1950s that a team of archaeologists finally found out these pieces. They managed to reassemble this historic stone together. 

Sö 90 Runestone Viking

Sö 90 Runestone on its original position

The stone on its original position 

Since that time, the stone has been moved away from the original position about 350 feet (100meters) to the north. Now, the stone is on the road display and that's why many people travelling along the road can see it. 

The inscription on the stone reads: “Atuitr raised (this) stone after Æist, his father, a strong guy.” The term “strong guy” is relatively unique on runestones, only appearing on three others, all in the same region. 

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