Skofnung Sword: The Best of All Swords in Viking Mythology

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Skofnung Sword: The Best of All Swords in Viking Mythology

In ancient Viking mythology, any weapon had a magical power that was associated with gods, heroes, and legends. One of the weapons was the Skofnung sword that was regarded as the best of all swords ever carried in Northern lands. 

Legend had it that the Skofnung sword had powerful qualities as it was the sharpest and strongest sword ever. Allegedly, it belonged to a Danish legendary hero, Hrólf Kraki. Yet, whether King Kraki was a real figure or not remained a mystery. According to the scholars, the sword was discovered inside a burial mound that was attributed to King Kraki. Yet, the origin of the sword remained to be seen because of scarce reliable sources. 

Legend had it that the Skofnung sword was the sword that contained 12 spirits of the King's most trusted berserkers who protected the King with all their life. 

The Skofnung sword was the sharpest and the most powerful sword in Norse and Viking sagas

In the mythology, the Skofnung sword would cause the fatal wound which could never be healed. But attached to the Skofnung sword was the healing stone that would help heal the wound after the sword had inflicted and caused pain for the enemies. 

On one occasion, the Skofnung sword was used to avenge the death of a kinsman. Although the hero wielded the sword and wound the man who killed his friend, the hero unintentionally healed the wound of the killer as well. After all, the two men couldn't decide who was the winner. They decided to stop the fight and became friends after that. 

Also, legend told us that the sword Skofnung couldn't be drawn when the sunlight was around. And if the woman was present, the Skofnung sword would not reach its full potential.

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