Second Viking Ship Found on Small Island

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Second Viking Ship Found on Small Island

The Norwegian archaeologists recently declared that they found another Viking ship burial mound on the Edøy island. 

After the discovery of the Edøya ship last year, a team of Norwegian archaeologists carried out a full-scale investigation on the site. Their great efforts finally paid off when they found out remains of the similar Viking boat burial. The archaeologists believed that the discovery could improve our understanding toward the Viking Age. 

Viking Ship burial mound

Viking ship burial mound 

Edøya was a small island, about 7.5km2 (2.9 square miles) in size. However, according to the scholars, this island was an important site back to the Viking Age. After centuries, this island finally came into the spotlight. 

On studying the land-penetrating radar image, the archaeologists came across something circle-shaped and similar to the Viking burial mound remains. The excitement came along when they realized that the second burial mound was revealing itself from the radar. 

Viking ship discovery in Norway

From the data they had, they interpreted the thing beneath the land as a Viking ship burial mound. It was circular-shaped. Something lied in the middle of the round circle. It was about 7.3 meters in length and 1 meter in width. This alleged ship was aa boat tomb under the stone cairn. The current length of the ship is about 7.3 meter long but the actual size of the ship in the past must have been bigger. Being buried deep down the land, this ship must have experienced serious destruction. 

In addition to the ship, the archaeologists also found out some settlements near the site. However, it was quite hard to declare the age of the site. Further investigation still remains ahead. 

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