Ragnar Death: How The Old Boar Suffered

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Ragnar Death: How The Old Boar Suffered 

Ragnar Lothbrok is one of the most powerful and famous Viking kings in Viking legends. Not only was he a king but almost all of his sons became kings in most parts of Scandinavia. But there was no elixir of life and everyone had to go when their time came. Ragnar was no exception, no matter how high his position was in his community. In other words, king like Ragnar never beat his fate. Ragnar did not die in battle. Rather, he met a more tragic ending. 

The Young Ragnar 

In order to become one of the greatest Viking kings in his time, Ragnar had to go through many tough times. He started his childhood just like many other Viking boys. He joined training time with his mates and showed his excellent military mindset. 

In many literal sources, Ragnar was the son of a Viking king. This might be one of the reasons why Ragnar was so desired for more power and wealth. 

Like many other men, Ragnar wanted beautiful women. One of the most important women in this Viking king's life was Aslaug the Queen. It was said that during a raid, Viking king met his future wife. To test Aslaug, Ragnar told her to come neither dressed nor undressed, neither fasting nor eating, and neither alone nor in company. This woman finally won the heart of Rangar by coming in a dress made by net, her handing holding an onion, and accompanying her was a dog. 

Aslaug and Ragnar had many sons and all of them later became either kings or military leaders. 

Ragnar Lothbrok the man sailed west

Ragnar Lothbrok the man who sailed west

Ragnar and Northumbria 

This tale was recorded in The Tales of Ragnar's Sons. 

As a rule, the more powerful a king became, the more enemies he made. At that point, Anglo-Saxon people hated the Vikings. Might this be all about the religious belief when the Christians in Anglo Saxon only believed in one god and they could not accept any other religion, especially the Viking belief in Norse Pantheon. 

One time, to show disagreement toward the Christian conspiracy to Christianize the Vikings, a group of Viking warriors came and raided the Lindisfarne church. This was the land of holiness (as the Christians believed). They never thought anyone powerful enough to violate the protection of their god. Until one day, the Viking travelled on their Midgard serpent and attacked this land of holiness. The attack was led by Ragnar Lothbrok and many people claimed this made King Aella of Northumbria hated our Viking king. 

But at that time, King Aella could do nothing to protect his land for he was so passive and careless in defending his holy land. 

On one occasion, Ragnar was on a raiding voyage across the ocean, his ship was blown off course. His fate fell into the hand of King Aella of Northumbria who quickly decided to torture Ragnar in a pit full of snakes. 

Odin never escaped his fate of death in Ragnarok. Ragnar never escaped his fate of death in the pit of snakes. This son of Odin finally bid a farewell to his Midgard life. He was ascended into the Hall of Valhalla and joined his fallen brothers in the Hall of Greatness, greeting and drinking with Odin the Allfather. 

But the pain left for the living was so much great. Sons of Ragnar loved him. They did love their father so much and they wanted to revenge for his death. Ivar Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, etc. legendarily formed the Viking Heathen Army and declared eternal war on King Aella of Northumbria. 

King Aella had to pay the ultimate price when the Heathen Army found him. The Blood Eagle was the final gift that the Heathen brothers gave to King Aella. 

Viking Great Heathen Army gif

Viking Great Heathen Army gif

Viking Great Heathen Army gif

Viking Great Heathen Army gif

Viking Great Heathen Army gif

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