Quick Explanation of Names in Norse Mythology (Part 1)

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Quick Explanation of Names in Norse Mythology

There is always a reason why people call Norse mythology the center of beauty in the universe. Every detail from Norse mythology forever leaves in awe because if we pay enough attention, we can read between the lines. Some say that they feel like the ancestors were trying to reach out saying and passing something to them.

To give you the very first step to dwell deeper into Norse mythology, this blog post is a very quick explanation of names in Norse mythology. For each name carries a meaning that illustrates personal trait of each character. 


Odin or Wotan was the name of the Asgard chief god ruling over Valhalla and Asgard. Odin is often recognized as the god of war, but his name means "inspiration" or "Master of Ecstasy". Maybe he inspired people how to fight in battle. 

Viking Odin The Allfather

But the most related explanation we can get is that Odin is also a god of inspiration. He spurred people to learn and give people more knowledge. To put it simply, Odin knew that knowledge would be powerless if you don't share it with others. And when Odin acquired the ability to read runes, Odin introduced runes to the world. Or when he finally got the Mead of Poetry, he didn't keep it for himself only. He gave it to other gods to enjoy as well. 


Not much is needed to explain about Thor God of Thunder and Storm in Norse mythology. He was one of the most powerful gods in Norse mythology. And the word "Thor" means "thunder". 

With the reputation of Thor in modern time, I don't think we need many words to speak about this awesome god. We already know how interesting he is.

Thor name explained in norse mythology


Loki name has always remained a heated debate. The scholars are yet to totally agree on any specific explanation of Loki name. 

But the most widely accepted explanation is the knot. And we can easily see a connection between Loki and a knot. Loki was nearly the knot of everything happening in Nine Worlds. He caused many troubles to others and he also helped them out of the troubles to feel a heroic sense. 

Loki punishment

Many assume that Loki means "fire". But it wasn't. This misunderstanding began when a modern artwork assumed that Loki and Logi meaning fire were one character. But they weren't at least in mythology. 


Frigg was Aesir chief goddess which meant she was the official wife of Odin in Norse mythology. She was the mother of Baldur the Prince of Asgard. Frigg was one of the most powerful female characters in Norse myth. 

Frigg the Norse goddess of love and motherhood

Her name simply meant "beloved" and in the myth, she was the goddess of love and motherhood. Frigg loved her son so much that she travelled through Nine Worlds to ask all creatures in the cosmos not to harm her shining son, Baldur. 

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