Old Norse Names for Girls

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Old Norse Names for Girls 

Do you know what is the difference between the female figures in Old Norse sagas and others? Old Norse female figures didn't play the harps in the luxurious palace. Instead, they wielded the weapons to stand tall by themselves. The names of Norse women perfectly present not only the beauty but also the strength and hidden potential. This blog post is going to give you lists of Old Norse Names for Girls. Though these lists are not enough, hope you find your favorite name in this blog post. 

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Aadny / Aafrid / Aagunn / Aalaug / AasaÁsa or short form Ás means god and goddess. 

Aasbjorg: Aas means God and Bjord means protection

Aasfrid: Aas means God and Frid means beautiful

Aasgerd: Aas means God and Gerd means protection/fence

Aashild: Aas means God and hildr means combat

Aaslaug: Aas means God and laug means to be married

Aasne: Aas means God and ny/ne means new

Aasrunn: Aas means God and runn means secret

Aasveig: Aas means God and vig means battle

Agnhild: Agn means respect or fear and hildr means battle

Alfhild: Alfr means beautiful shining elf and hildr means battle

Arnbjorg: Arn means eagle and bjorg means protection

Astrid: Aas means God and fridr means beautiful.

Aud: wealth


Bergljot: Berg means protection and ljotr means shining light

Bergthora: Berg means protection and thorr means thunder 

Bjord: protection

Bodhild: Bot means aid and hildr means combat

Borghild: Borg means protection and hildr means combat

Borgny: Borg means protection and ny means new. 

Borgunn: Borg means protection and Unna means love




Dagbjord: Dagr means day and Bjord means protection

Dagfrid: Dagr means day and Fridr means beautiful

Daghild: Dagr means day and hidlr means battle 

Dagmoy: Dagr means day and mey means young girl

Dagrun: Dagr means day and runn means secret

Degveig: Dagr means day and veig means strength


Eivor: Ey means happiness and vor means alert

Eldrid: Eld means fire and fridr means beautiful

Eirik: Ei means always and rikr means ruler

Eyvor: Ey means happiness and vor means alert


Freydis: from Freya Norse Goddess of Love, War, and Beauty

Frida: from Fridr beautiful


Geirhild: geirr means spear and hildr means battle

Gerd: variation of Gard meaning fortress or fencing

Gro: meaning grow

Gudfrid: Gud means god and fridr means beautiful

Gudrun: Gud means god and run means secret

Gunn: Gunnr means battle and war

Gunbjord: Gunnr means battle and bjord means protection

Gunnhild: Gunnr and hildr mean battle and war

Gyda: variation of Gudfrid


Hallgerd: Hall means stone and gard means fortress and fencing

Heidrun: a female goat in Norse myth

Helga: lucky and affluent

Herbjorg: Her means army and bjorg means protection

Hilda: form of names with hildr meaning battle and combat. Other variations Hild, Hilde, Hill.

Hjordis: Hjor means sword and dis means goddess

Holmfrid: Holmr means island and fridr means beautiful. 

Hladgerd: hlad means headdress and gardr means fortress or fencing


Idunn: Id means again, one more time and unna means love. 

Inga: from Old Norse god Ing who was Freyr god of summer and sunshine. 

Ingebjorg: Ing was the name of god Freyr and bjorg means protection

Ingrid: Ing of Freyr and fridr means beautiful


Jorgunn: Jor means boar and gunnr means war and battle

Jorunn: Jor means boar and unna means love


Kjellaug: Kjell means sacrifice-kettle and laug means engaged to

Kjellbjorg: Kjell means sacrifice-kettle and bjorg means protection 

Kjellfrid: Kjell means sacrifice-kettle and fridr means beautiful


Lagertha: name of one of the greatest legendary Viking shieldmaidens (female warriors)

Liv: from hlif meaning protection but also means "life"

Livunn: hlif means protection and unna means love


Magnhild: Magn means power and strength and hildr means battle and combat

Malfrid: Mal means speech and vor means alert/careful

Moyfrid: Mey means young girl and fridr means beautiful


Norgunn: Nordr means north and gunnr means battle





Oddrun: Oddr means spear and run means secret

Oddveig: Odd means spear and veig means strength

Olrun: Ol means ale and runn means secret

Oyvor: Ey means happiness and vor means alert and careful






Ragna: short form of Ragn meaning advice, decision

Ragnhild: Ragn means advice and hildr means battle

Rannveig: Rann means house and veig means strength

Reidun: Hreidr means nest and unna means love

Runa: like runn - the secret

Runhild: Run means secret and hildr means battle and combat


Sif: a variation of siv meaning bride

Signy: Sigr means victory and ny means new

Sigrid: Sigr means victory and fridr means beautiful

Sigrunn: Sigr means victory and runn means secret

Snefrid: Snjo means snow and fridr means beautiful

Solbjorg: Salr means house and bjord means protection

Solgunn: Salr means house and gunnr means war and battle

Solveig: Salr means house and veig means strength

Svanbjorg: Svanr means swan and bjorg means protection 

Svanhild: Svanr means swan and hildr means battle. This name reminds of the Valkyries who were Odin's female helping spirit and always travelled to Asgard in form of the swan


Thora: short form of Thor god of thunder and storm

Thorfrid: Thorr means thunder and means beautiful

Thorgunn: Thorr means thunder and gunnr means battle 

Thorhild: Thorr means thunder and hildr means battle

Thorunn: Thorr means thunder and unna means love

Trude/Trudi: short form of trudr meaning strength


Unn: Unna means love

Unni: Unna means love and ny means new

Urda: from Urdr one of three powerful Norns the Fate Creators in Norse myth


Valgerd: Valr means killed and gard means fencing

Vigdis: Vig means battle and dis means goddess






Yngvild: same as Ingvild (God Freyr and battle, combat)



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