Odin's Jewelry: Presence of Allfather and Valhalla Welcome

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Odin's Jewelry: Presence of Allfather and Valhalla Welcome

In Norse mythology, Odin was the chief god of Asgard the land of the gods. He was among the most important and most commonly worshipped gods in Viking belief. Odin was the sky god, god of death, wisdom, poem, raven, and war. Odin has become more and more popular keeping inspiring many people. In this blog post, we are to discuss what types of jewelry are considered to be Odin's jewelry presenting the cult of Odin and his presence in this day and age. 

To realize what types of jewelry belonging to the cult of Odin, we should learn what are the symbols of Odin the Allfather: Wolves, ravens, triple horn, and Valknut symbol. 


In Norse mythology, Odin had for himself a pair of wolves whose names were Geri and Freki. They were often described to lie next to the throne of Odin the Allfather. Odin shared all of his food to the wolves and he only kept wine for himself. 

Viking wolves Geri and Freki in Norse mythology

Odin's wolves Geri and Freki

Another wolf that was closely associated with Odin the Allfather was Fenrir the wolf. Fenrir was the son of Loki the Trickster. From the beginning, Odin and Fenrir were destined to be the sworn enemies. In the final battle of Ragnarok, Fenrir finally put an end to the Norse glory after swallowing Odin. 


Odin had a pair of ravens whose names were Huginn and Muninn. This pair of ravens presented the presence of Odin. Because in the morning, Odin would release the pair of ravens to fly around the Nine Worlds to observe what was happening in the world below and when the afternoon broke on the sky, they would come back to Asgard perching on the shoulder of Odin and whispering into his ear about what they had seen in the worlds. Because of this, the Vikings believed that wherever the ravens were, Odin was there. 

Huginn and Muninn Ravens of Odin

Huginn and Muninn the ravens of Odin the Allfather 

Triple Horn

Not only was Triple horn the presence of Odin the Allfather but also the wisdom of Odin. In Norse mythology, when Odin was attempting to retrieve the powerful Mead of Poetry, Odin seduced Gunnlod the giantess guarding the Mead. After entertaining each other for three nights, Odin was allowed to try the Mead. He then drank the Mead from three horns from which he emptied all of the Mead that Gunnlod guarded.

Odin triple horn ring

Odin's Triple Horn Ring 


Valknut is a famous Viking symbol belonging to Odin the Allfather. The word "Valknut" was a combination of "Valr" and "knut" meaning "the fallen" and "the knot". Overall, it meant "The knot of the deceased". It was the symbol of Odin's symbol of welcoming the fallen into Valhalla. 

Valknut symbol is three triangles interlocking and pointing upward

Viking Valknut symbol of Odin the Allfather 

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