Odin the Allfather: More than War and Death

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Odin the Allfather: More than War and Death

In Norse mythology, Odin was the ruler of the Aesir gods ruling over Asgard. He was the owner of Valhalla the Hall of the Fallen. Because the Hall of the Fallen warriors belonged to Odin, he was attributed to the god of War and Death in Norse mythology. But he was more than just god of War and Death.

Odin was the God of Creation

Many might think that this title for Odin is a little bit exaggerated but it is true. Because nearly all the beautiful and wonderful things in the cosmos were created by Odin the Allfather. 

Thor Norse God

Thor God of Thunder and Storm was the son of Odin the Allfather

Humanity was created by Odin when he and his brothers were walking along the seashore. He picked up the two logs that he came across along the way and turned them into the first humans in the cosmos.

Odin was also the father of many mighty gods in Norse mythology. Thor was the son of Odin and he was the god of thunder and storm who was feared by the giant in the cosmos for his power. Baldur the Shining God was also the son of Odin. Baldur was loved by many and even the most beautiful things in the cosmos had to bow before him because of his beauty.

Odin was the God of Wisdom

If we mention Odin's power without wisdom, it will be a big mistake. 

In Norse mythology, no one could compare Odin when it came to the love for wisdom. He was desperate for wisdom and knowledge. 

In Norse mythology, there were two times that Odin showed us how much he was in love with knowledge. The first time was his trade with Mimir to gain the water of knowledge. The price for this kind of drink was an eye of Odin. Without hesitation, Odin plucked out his eye and threw it into the Well of Mimir. Another time was when Odin made a sacrifice to gain the ability to read runes. He hung himself on the Yggdrasil Tree of Life for nine days and nine nights neither with food nor drink. But after the sacrifice, he was the first to read runes and introduced runes to the cosmos. 

Odin sacrificed himself to gain the ability to read runes

The hanging of the High One 

Odin was the God of Inspiration

What made me realize that Odin was a god of inspiration was when he attained the Mead of Poetry. 

The Mead of Poetry was made from the blood of the wisest creature in the Nine Worlds. His name was Kvasir and he was killed by two dwarves who were evil and greedy. The dwarves brewed the Mead from the blood of Kvasir and named it the Mead of Poetry. Whoever could drink this Mead could have the power of eloquence and could speak in poems. 

After many attempts to gain the Mead of Poetry, Odin finally could drink the Mead. But he didn't keep it for himself only. He shared the Mead for all the gods up in Asgard. And this was the reason that made me realize that Odin was the Stirrer of Inspiration in Norse mythology. Knowledge would be powerless if he didn't share it to others. And the same thing happened when Odin had the ability to read runes. He didn't keep it for himself only. He spread it to others. 

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