Norse Trinity Symbol: Powerful, Mysterious, and Eternal

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Norse Trinity Symbol Meaning: Powerful, Mysterious, and Eternal

There are many mysterious figures in Norse mythology that always come in three. Whoever they might be, they were about to make a change to the world. They were sure to play an important role that no one could ever replace. They completed the myth. Because they came in three which was so strong and special that nothing could ever beat it. 

But who came in three in Norse mythology?

We happen to see many cases of trinity in mythologies and legends. They are also special entities in the tales. The same thing happens in Norse mythology. Cases were that three figures always united to become more Powerful. But they still remained Mysterious and some even last to Eternal. 

Odin, Vili, and Ve

Odin, Vili, and Ve were the sons of Borr the god and Bestla the giantess. The most famous and powerful in three was Odin who later became the Aesir chief god in Asgard. 

Odin, Vili, and Ve were the ones who created the world from the beginning. We don't know what world they created. But legend held it that they killed the first giant Ymir and used his body parts to fashion the world. 

Odin, Vili, and Ve in Norse mythology Norse trinity symbol

Odin, Vili, and Ve formed the trinity to slay Ymir and used his body to fashion the world 

The three did create the beginning of something. Many sources say that it was the Midgard that the three brothers created. If this was true, then the humanity owed their survival to the three brothers. 

Fenrir, Jormungand, and Hel

This team was a family member team. Fenrir, Jormungand, and Hel were the sons of Loki and the giantess Angrbode (She Who Gives Grief). Ever since their birth, they were in the monstrous appearance. 

Learning of the prophecy of the doom of the world, gods separated the three monsters. Fenrir was kept in Asgard and raised by the gods while Jormungand was banished into the sea where he grew large enough to encircle the Midgard. Gods banished Hel to the land of the dead (Helheim) where she grew her power and became the queen of the dead. 

Loki's children formed the norse trinity symbol. They were Fenrir the wolf, Jormungand, and Hel the queen of the dead

The children of Loki, Fenrir, Hel, Jormungand, formed the Norse trinity symbol

If we know the position of worlds in the Yggdrasil Tree (in Norse myth, Yggdrasil Tree held Nine Worlds within its branches), we are sure to see that the three monsters occupied a straight line across the Great Tree of life. Because Asgard, where gods kept Fenrir, was on the top branch. Midgard, where Jormungand lay, was in the tree trunk. And Helheim, where Hel ruled, was just under the root. 

These three villains occupied the spine of Yggdrasil. Seemingly, the death of Baldur Odin's son was not the first sight of Ragnarok. But the occupation of this trinity was the first sight of the doom.

Unlike the three brothers of Odin, this trinity created nothing but destruction to the world. Ragnarok the doom of gods was ignited by Fenrir and supported by his siblings. 

The three Norns 

Even though they didn't appear much throughout the whole story, three Norns were among the most powerful figures. Because they wrote by the hands the fate chapter of every creature in the cosmos. 

No one could ever escape the fate, even the gods. And no one could alter the course of fate but the Norns. And of course, they had no reason to rewrite the fate of all creatures. 

Norse Trinity Symbol The norns were the fate creators in Norse mythology

The three Norns in Norse mythology were among the most powerful and mysterious creatures for they created the threads of fate for all beings

The Norns came in three and each of them presented a specific period in life. They presented the past, the present, and the future. This was indicated by their names: Urd (the Past), Verdandi (the Present), and Skuld (the Future). 

The Norns wrote the stories of every creature in the trunks of Yggdrasil. And no one could change a single word when the Norns had written down. 

Why number 3?

To answer the question "why number 3" is similar to answer the question "which come first: chicken or the egg". No one can receive an official answer. In other words, no answer can satisfy all of us. 

Number 1 is too lonely while number  2 is too clingy. Number 5 is too scientific and the number 4 is unlucky. Number 6 is considered to be bad in some beliefs and 7 will destroy 9. 

Only number 3 gives the feeling of perfection. It is the symbol of completeness. But it can also break the completeness into nothing in Norse mythology just like the way Fenrir and his siblings did. Good things and good patterns take three times to form. And so do the bad things. 

If the thing comes in one time, it proves nothing. Coming in two might be a coincidence. But if the thing comes in three, it is the different story as a pattern is formed. One should pay attention to things that come in three. Though three is a small number, it is powerful enough to make a huge change to the world. 

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