Norse Eagle: Symbol of Leadership and Vision

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Norse Eagle: Symbol of Leadership and Vision

Even though ravens were the constant companions of Odin the Allfather, they were not the king of the winged kingdom. Rather, the title belongs to the eagle. In Norse mythology, though eagle didn't occupy a central role, they inspired the Norse enthusiasts and researchers a lot. 

Eagle in Norse mythology

The most famous eagle in Norse mythology was Veðrfölnir. In some accounts, Vedrfolnir wasn't an eagle. He was a hawk standing between the eyes of the eagle. Vedrfolnir lived on the top branch of Yggdrasil Tree of Life flying above and observing everything above with a great sense of pride. The story of Vedrofolnir that captures most of our attention was the insulting battle between him and Nidhogg the serpent-like dragon living under the roots of Yggdrasil. 

Image of Eagle on top of Yggdrasil

Eagle on the top of Yggdrasil Tree of Life

The distance between the two figures was as long as Nine Worlds but they were still eager to insult each other as much as possible. The small squirrel Ratatoskr also living in Yggdrasil was willing to deliver the message between Vedrfolnir and Nidhogg. Because Ratatoskr loved to gossip and see others insulting each other. Vadrfolnir and Nidhogg had one thing in common: they wanted Yggdrasil to collapse. Nidhogg always spent his time gnawing the roots of Yggdrasil because he hoped one day the tree would collapse and it would hit and smash Vedrfolnir into pieces. Meanwhile, Vedrfolnir always threw wood to the world below and hoped they would knock Nidhogg out. Their conspiracy never seemed to happen. But Vedrfolnir still flew above the head of Nidhogg until the end of Ragnarok. 

Eagle also appeared in Norse mythology as the guardian of Valhalla. Legend had it that in the gates of Valhalla, dogs stood tall and eagle flying above. 

Symbolism of Eagle 

Every bird and animal in Norse mythology tried to express a kind of symbolism and a wild spirit. The eagle was an inspiring wild spirit. With the ability to soar above anything else, eagle teaches us the lessons about taking a close look at anything surrounding our life from a wider perspective. Eagle also presents the great vision that hardly anyone can have. The question is why? Look at the tale of Vedrfolnir, he lived in the top branch of Yggdrasil Tree which held the Nine Worlds within its branches. No one knew exactly his home but we bet even higher than Asgard. Everything else lived under his claw. This doesn't indicate that eagle looks down on everything below him. It means he appreciates the chance to observe with a wider vision. Anyone who shares the same value with Norse eagle is sure to be a visionary. They are the ones desiring to tear away their limits and reach their fullest potential. 

Eagle is the symbol of inspiration and desire to soar to new heights. You will never find out how powerful you are until you push yourself out of the comfort zone, flying above separating yourself from the bad vibes to discover the world you truly belong to.

With the meaningful symbolism that Norse eagle carries, he has become a favourite symbol that Norse enthusiasts respect. Eagle inspires the Viking Jewelry design. Not only do they occupy the meaningful story behind but they are also majestic in appearance. The head of the eagle is suitable for those who wish to have a broad vision upon their life. The clarity in the eyes of the eagle instils us with the sense of confidence. The claw of the eagle, on the other hand, means to capture the opportunity that might come to you once in a lifetime. So seize the day!

Image of Viking jewelry eagle

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