Mass Grave in Wales Found With Viking Slaves

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Mass Grave in Wales Found With Viking Slaves 

Recently, a group of archaeologists have found a mass grave dating back to more than 1000 years ago in Wales. The burial was believed to consist of the  remains of 86 individuals The strange characteristics from these bones led the archaeologists to believe that the bones belonged to the Vikings. 

After the excavation, the archaeologists carried out further tests and they came into a conclusion that the skeletons approximately dated back to 1000 years ago. This was the period of political turbulence and warfare and the Saxon kingdoms started to come into power. 

Viking slave in the Viking trade market

Viking slave being traded in the market as commodities

The isotope analysis revealed that these skeletons were nott the local people in Wales. Rather, they were from other tribe who came from across Europe. 

They came from many parts from western Britain, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean places. 

The archaeologists and the historians believed that the aftermath of the Roman Empire collapse made long-distance travel impossible for these people. But the archaeological evidence dazzled the archaeologists to the core because these people had made their way from far away to come and rest in the island of Wales. 

Bones from the mass grave found in Wales

Bones from the mass grave in Wales 

Because it was a mass burial with people from many parts of the world, the archaeologists believed that these buried were the slaves brought to there by the Vikings. 

No more items were found inside the mass grave. 

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