Mass Grave Found in England Might Belong to Viking Great Army

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Mass Grave Found in England Might Belong to Viking Great Army

The Vikings always have the power to stir up our interest and curiosity. Surrounding this era was a vague layer of mystery that grew the interest within us. In the 1980s, archaeologists discovered a mass grave in England.

At that time, they were disappointed as they thought the grave belonged to the Great Army. Because the radiocarbon dating said that the remains within the grave dated back to more than hundreds of years before the Viking Age. 

Remains inside the grave of the Viking Great Army

The theory that this grave belonged to the Great Army caused controversies (Cre: CNN News)

Mistake and new discovery

But now, the archaeologists finally came to an end to solve the problem. The grave, according to the archaeologist, dated back to the Viking Age. But because the Vikings ate so much fish, so their bone might be older. This made the archaeologists came to an end that they belonged to the early era compared wtih the Vikings. 

History has it that the Viking Great Arm spent their winter in Repton. They attacked the king of Mercia, a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon kingdom. So a group of archaeologists in 1980s found out the mass grave and hoped them belonged to the Viking. 

Vikinng warrior remain.

This grave consisting of two men skeletons.. Were the intruders displaced them or the pair originally rest together? (Cre: CNN News)

One room of the burial chamber included bodies 20% of which were females. Inside the burial chamber, the archaeologists found out weapons like axes, swords, bow and arrows. etc. 

The men from the Mass Grave aged around 18-45 years old. Many bones of the men said that they had been suffering the lethal vital. 

The initial belief that the mass grave didn't belong to the Vikings disappointed us a lot. But as we see from the modern discover, we cannot help being happy for the date of the skeleton matched exactly the Winter days of the Great Army.

Who were the Viking Great Army?

In fact, the Viking Great Army was the Great Heathen Army. It was kind of a coalition of Norse warriors from Denmark, Noway, Sweden. They came together to invade the four kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon. They also came to revenge the death of RagnarLothbrok. 

Once they arrived at their destination, they set out to wreak havoc with the local seeing suffering and pains. 

The burial site of the Viking Great Army in Repton

The burial site from above in Repton

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