Loki’s Children Dominated The World Before Ragnarok

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Loki’s Children Dominated The World Before Ragnarok

Loki had three notorious children that even gods were scared to hear of their names. Fenrir, Jormungand, and Hel. The reason why gods were afraid of their names was because they were the key villains that triggered off Ragnarok Doom of Gods. So in order to prevent Loki’s children to wage Ragnarok War, gods decided to banish every child of Loki to different places.

However, hardly did Norse gods realize that the Nine Worlds were dominated by the children of Loki from the beginning. And the Gods helped to advance the process of dominance.

Fenrir the Wolf

Up in Asgard was the great son of Loki, Fenrir. Fenrir was a monstrous wolf. But before he became a giant wolf, Fenrir was just a little pup. Fenrir was the most savage character in Norse mythology. Because he was described as the one who swallowed Odin in Ragnarok. Because Fenrir killed Odin, he killed the leading force of Norse pantheon as well as the glory of Norse gods.

Fenrir the Wolf was the one who killed Odin in Ragnarok

Fenrir was the one who killed Odin in Ragnarok. He was the son of Loki and sibling of Jormungand and Hel in Norse mythology. 

Fenrir was brought up by the gods instead of their parents (Loki and Angrboda the giantess). But up in Asgard, no one dared to approach this monster. The only one that was brave enough to do so was Tyr God of Honor and Justice. He fed and played with the little pup until the day Fenrir grew up uncontrollably to the size that the gods had to take him out of Asgard.

Jormungand the Serpent

Jormungand was another son of Loki. Since his birth, Jormungand was banished to the vast ocean by Odin the Allfather. There, Jormungand lay alone under the dark and cold ocean waves.

Jormungand the Midgard Serpent was the enormous serpent encircling the Nine Worlds

Jormungand was the Midgard serpent that encircled Midgard's ocean. Deep down in the dark ocean, Jormungand waited for Ragnarok days to come

Also there, he grew up to the most incredibly size that he could encircled the whole Midgard. Jormungand bit his tail in his mouth to entangle Midgard.

The only one time that Jormungand rose from the wave was when Thor fished him. But Thor couldn’t kill the serpent this time. The next and also the final time that he appeared was in Ragnarok. In Ragnarok, Jormungand and Thor met and fought one another until both of them were slain.

Hel the Queen of the Dead

Hel was the daughter of Loki. Hel was described as the girl with half green and dark face. But when she was just a little girl, the Norse gods abandoned her into the underworld.

The underworld was the home of grieve, loneliness, and coldness. But Hel spent most of her time there. She lived there until the day she was powerful enough to rule over the whole land. There Hel became the Queen of the Dead ruling over the dead soul.

Hel the Queen of the Dead in Norse mythology

Hel was the only daughter of Loki in Norse mythology. She was born with half flash half blood face. Odin banished Hel into Underworld where she established her power and rose to the Queen of the Underworld

Although no source mentioned that Hel appeared in the battle, she ordered the Naglfar ship to carry the dead army to join battle.

Loki’s children dominated the Nine Worlds

Although in Norse mythology there were Nine Worlds, the most common ones were Asgard, Midgard, and Helheim. Easily, we can see that three children of Loki appeared in the three important worlds of Norse Cosmology.

From the beginning, Loki’s children were about to make something “great” to them but terrible to the cosmos and especially the Norse Pantheon. And one more thing is that it was Norse gods that helped to advance the process of dominating Yggdrasil Tree and the Nine Worlds.

Loki Children: Fenrir the Wolf, Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent, Hel the Queen of Death

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