Less Known Norse Gods and Goddesses

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Less Known Norse Gods and Goddesses

In Norse mythology, there was a big system of Norse gods. Besides the important and commonly appeared gods, there were some gods that were less known. They only played the supporting roles but their influence on the whole myth was significant. Without them, the whole story would not have been completed and as meaningful as they actually were. 


Hodr was a less known son of Odin and Frigg. He was the twin brother of god Baldur. Unlike Baldur who was beautiful and beloved, Hodr lived a very quiet life and he was a blind god. In Norse mythology, Hodr unintentionally killed his twin brother Baldur. Yes, he didn't mean to do it. He was cheated and instructed by the Norse trickster Loki. After the unintentional murder, Hodr was killed by Vali, another son of Odin, to revenge for Baldur's death. 

Image of Hodr and Loki killed Baldur Baldur death

Loki instructed Hodr to kill Baldur


Honir or Hœnir was an Aesir god. He was one of the Aesir exchanged hostages to come to live in Vanaheim in order to seal the peace treaty. Honir was quite indecisive. He always depended on Mimir, a wise creature, to answer the questions when they lived in Vanaheim. 

Modi and Magni

Modi (Brave) and Magni (Mighty) were the children of Thor and Sif, the beautiful goddess with the golden hair. They embodied the most valuable traits of their families. Modi and Magni were one of the few gods that survived Ragnarok. They would inherit the Mjolnir hammer of Thor and carried it into the new world.

Image of Modi and Magni sons of Thor

Sons of Thor Modi and Magni


Idunn was the goddess of youth. She was the guardian of youth apples from which Norse pantheon could save their beauty. There was a time that Idunn was kidnapped by a giant. This resulted in the deterioration in the youth and beauty of the Norse pantheon. Once Idunn was retrieved back to Asgard, every god was happy as their young and beautiful faces came back again. 

Ve and Vili

Ve and Vili were the brothers of Odin the Allfather. They were the sons of god Borr and giantess Bestla. They appeared at the beginning of the cosmos. With Odin the Allfather, Ve and Vili killed the primeval god Ymir and used his body to fashion the world. 


Dellingr or Delling was the Aesir god of sunrise and shine. He was little known in the myth. Dellingr was the father of Dagr who personified day. His wife was known as Nat (or Nott) who was the personification of night. 

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