Latest Ship Found in Norway Confirmed as A Viking Ship

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Latest Ship Found in Norway Confirmed as A Viking Ship

2018 witnessed exciting news for the Viking enthusiasts because it marked the finding of a Viking-like ship. But at that time, no one dared to officially stated the ship dated back to the Viking Age. Recently, the archaeologists from Norway's Museum of Cultural History have confirmed that the ship grave dated back to the early time of the Viking Age. 

In the site, they also found out some longhouses buried. Thanks to the new ground-penetrating radar technology, the archaeologists easily made it clear that beneath the earth was a Viking ship and several longhouses. 

Viking ship and longhouse beneath

Viking ship and longhouses beneath the field

Some earlier ship discoveries in the neighbor also indicate that they all dated back to the Viking Age. It all thanks to the dendrochronological dating. The mentioned dendrochronology is the study of data from the tree ring growth. 

The results of the archaeological survey were that the patterns in the ship's timber told that it dated back to 603 to 724. To say the exact date of the ship is something out of the question. However, the project leader, Christian Løchsen Rødsrud, stated that the ship probably originated in the transition phase to the Viking Age, somewhere around the attack in the late 8th-century. 

Some bad news as well

Excited as all of us might become, there is some bad news that follows. By far, the ship has still remained beneath the soil. And there is also some serious damage because of the fungi. That is not to mention the destructive level caused by the fertilizer in the fields. Due to the bad condition of the soil around, the archaeologists suggest that the ship be excavated as soon as possible. 

Some of the climate changes also make the archaeologists consider the idea to excavate the shie Nonetheless, the archaeologists once argued that they should not touch any ship and just let it be in the original state. 

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