Jewelry in Norse Myth: Symbol of Sacrifice, Femininity, and Greed

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Jewelry in Norse Myth: Symbol of Sacrifice, Femininity, and Greed

In Norse mythology, there appeared three famous pieces of jewelry belonging to three interesting characters. The first was the Draupnir ring of Odin, the second was the Bringasmen necklace of Freya, and the ring of Andvari dwarf. 

Draupnir ring of Odin

Draupnir ring was made by the dwarf when Loki once came to the land of the dwarves. Loki came there to ask the dwarves to create the beautiful golden hair for Sif Wife of Thor and he also wanted the dwarves to make more treasure for the gods. And there came the Draupnir ring which would drop out eight more rings after the ninth nights. 

The ring was not commonly mentioned in the myth. In the funeral of Baldur the Prince of Asgard, Odin placed the Draupnir ring on the ship that carried Baldur to his afterlife. The scholars believed that the ring was the symbol of sacrifice and remind for Baldur. It reminded Baldur of where he actually belonged to and it also marked the words of Odin that Baldur would rule after the fall of the Norse Pantheon. 

Odin's last words to Baldur the Prince

Odin in Baldur's funeral

Bringasmen necklace of Freya

Bringasmen necklace was also made by the dwarves the most talented craftsmen in the world. The necklace was gifted to Freya Goddess of Sex, Beauty, and Femininity. 

Necklace is always believed to accent the beauty of the neckline declaring the beauty of femininity. Because Freya embodied this aspect, a necklace was just a suitable piece of jewelry for Freya. 

Necklace of Freya

Necklace of Freya 

Andvari's ring

Andvari was the name of a dwarf in Norse mythology. He lived deep down in a cave where no one could find him. There he entertained himself with the precious ring which could bring Andvari more and more wealth. Everyday, the ring and the gold would give more and more to Andvari making him a wealthy man. 

But what had to come finally came. Loki found and wanted to part Andvari and his ring. There Andvari made a curse on the precious ring. He cursed that anyone who possessed the ring would meet their demise very soon. But the curse didn't apply on Loki because Loki had no intention to possess the ring. And the demise finally fell on the family of Dwarf King. 

Andvari the Ring in Norse mythology

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