Icelandic Vikings Converted into Christians Because Of Volcano?

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Icelandic Vikings Converted into Christians Because Of Volcano?

A new study has shown that a catastrophic volcanic eruption that hit the Vikings in Iceland might lead them to change their belief into Christians. 

As we might know, Iceland is a lava-built nation. Around the 10th century, the biggest volcanic eruption in history hit Iceland and its name was the Eldgjá lava flood. 

Lava flood

Lava eruption 

In the famous medieval poem, Voluspa, there was a description of the eruption suggesting the memories that convinced the Vikings to change their religion into Christianity. 

The researchers concluded that the eruption began around the spring of 939 AD and still erupted in the following years. 

Maybe about two or three Icelandic generations had witnessed the eruptions. The impact of Eldgjá was significant to those people at that time. The eruption led to a lava flood that covered nearly the whole land with lava and fire. Air was filled with gases. 

Voluspa eruption

Voluspa describing how the eruption befell Icelandic Vikings

As a result, the land was abandoned because of destruction and famine. 

The researchers noted that it was the Voluspa written around 960s AD described the eruptions by telling the fall of Norse gods and the religious conversion into Christian. 

"The sun starts to turn black, land sinks into sea". And after the eruption, a cold summer followed. 

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