How to Pronounce Names in Norse Myth

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How to Pronounce Names in Norse Myth

No one can ever doubt our love and respect towards Norse Gods and Norse Myth. But the question that is raised in this blog post is that whether we spell correctly names in Norse myth? It might a little bit awkward when we, the Norse lovers, cannot spell Norse names correctly. So Keep Calm, warriors! Because this blog post is going to guide you the way to pronounce names in Norse myth!

Below is the list of Norse Names Pronunciation Instruction that BaviPower has been researching. All words are arranged in alphabetical order. (Note: Many of them are pronounced in the English British style).

Norse Names


Alfheim ALF-hame
Andvari Ander-vaa-ri
Asgard As-guard
Ask Ass-k
Audumla Ow-doom-lar
Balder Bal (like "Balance") -durr
Bergelmir Berg-ell-mere
Berling Bear-ling
BYE-frost or BEE-frost
Bor Bore
Brisingamen Bree-sing-arm-en
Brokk Brock
Brynhild Broon-hill-d
Buri Boo (like in "Book") -ree
Dag Dag
Draupnir DROPE-near
Dvalin Dee-vaa-lin
Eitri Ay-tree
Elli Eli (like in "Belly")
Embla Em-bler
Fafnir Faff-near
Fenrir FEN-rear
Fimbulwinter Fimm-bull-winter
Freyr FREY-ur
Freya FREY-yaa
Frigg Frig (like in "Dig")
Geirrod Gay-rod
Gjalp Gee-yalp
Gladsheim Glads-haym
Gram Grarm
Grani Grah-nee
Greip Grape
Grer G'rare
Grid Grid (like in Hid")
Grimhild Grim-hill'd
Gudrun Goooo-droon
Gullfaxi Gool-fa-xee
Gullinbursti Goo-lin-burst-tee
Gullveig Gool-vague
Gungnir GUNG-near
Gunnar Gun-arr
Hati Hat-ee
Heimdall HAME-doll
Hel Hell
Hermod HER-modd
Hod Hod (like in "Odd")
Honir Hou-near
Hreidmar H'ray-d-marr
Hrungnir H'ROONG-near
Hugi Hoo-yee
Hymir Hay-mere
Hyrrokkin Hay-roe-keen
Idunn I-dunn or I-thoon
Ivaldi Ee-val-dee
Jormungand YOUR-moon-gand-(er)
Jotunheim YOUR-tun-hame
Lif Leaf
Lifthrasir Leaf-thrass-ear
Logi Lor-gee
Loki LOW-key or LOCK-ee
Magni Mag-nee
Midgard Midd-gard or Mith-gard
Mimir MEE-mere
Mjolnir MIOL-near
Modi Mor-dee
Mundulfari Moon-dall-far-ee
Muspelheim Moo-spell-hame
Nanna Nan-ner
Nidavellir Nith-a-vell-ear
Nidhogg Nee-thog
Niflheim Niff-el-hame
Njord Nigh-ord
Nott Not (like in "Hot")
Odin Oh-deen or Oh-thin
Ragnarok RAG-nar-rock
Ran Ran (like in "Can")
Ratatosk Rat-at-osk
Regin Ray-gin or Ray-in
Sif Siff (like in "Biff")
Sigurd Sig-gurd
Skoll Sk-OLL (like in "Toll")
Skrymir Skray-mear
Sleipnir Sleyp-near
Snorri Sturluson Snor-ee Ster-loo-son
Surt Sert (like in "Dirt")
Thialfi Thee-alf-ee
Thiazi Thee-a-see
Thor Thore or Tor
Thrym Thrimm
Tyr Tire or Tee-ya
Urd Oord
Utgard Oot-guard
Utgardaloki Outh-guard-a-lock-ee
Valhalla Val-HALL-uh
Vali Val-LEE
Valkyrie Vall-KI-ree or Varl-KOO-ree
Vanaheim Varna-heim
Vanir Var-near
Ve Vay
Vidar VEE-dar
Vili Vee-lee
Yggdrasil EEG-drass-ill
Ymir EE-mear

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  • These are the english names or ‘pop’ names for the Norse gods, I wanted know how to pronounce traditional names like Hròđvitnir and Hallinskiđi, all of the gods had several names, it’s a shame there not presented here.

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