How To Maintain Your Relationships Wisely According To Norse Myth

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How To Maintain Your Relationships Wisely According To Norse Myth

Read Norse mythology and don't miss out any life lessons that can instruct you to lead a bold life. As we mentioned in previous blog posts, Norse mythology is much ahead of their time and is still valuable in this day and age just because they tell the lessons that are appropriate in all the time. Norse mythology holds the story how Love transcends race and faith or the story to honor women by worshipping the goddesses. One more lesson that we want to share in this blog post is the small tip that makes a huge change in your life. It is about how to build and foster your relationships with other people in a wise way. The main teacher in the Viking class of Life in this blog post is Loki the Norse Trickster.

How Loki maintained relationships wisely?

There are two things that can capture our attention whenever it comes to Loki Norse Trickster. The first thing is the troubles he causes to Norse Pantheon. The second thing is the gifts that Loki gives to the gods. 

Indeed, nearly all the precious treasure of the Norse Pantheon comes from Loki. The story of Loki and treasures of the gods might happen from the time when Loki cuts the hair of Sif who is Thor's wife.

One day, Loki feels he is not funny and he should find something to lift his mood. Then he decides to sneak into the room of Sif who is famous for her golden hair. When Loki enters the room, Sif is still sleeping. Without any hesitation, Loki cuts the beautiful hair. As Thor discovers this incident, he immediately accuses Loki of being the culprit and threatens to deprive Loki of his life unless he makes amends for what he has done. Loki of course promises to make amends. And off he goes to the land of the dwarves who Loki believes to be the only ones that can help him out. Under Svartalfheim, Loki manages to ask the dwarves to create not only the golden hair for Sif but also many other treasures.

Image of Lessons from the Norse Vikings Loki

Loki gifts the Gods with many dwarves-made treasures

The list of the gifts from Loki to the gods includes Skíðblaðnir the magical ship that can travel through the wind for god Freyr, Gungnir the spear that becomes the powerful weapon for Odin the Allfather, Gullinborsti the golden boar for god Freyr, the ring Draupnir for Odin, and especially the Mjolnir hammer for Thor. Loki brings these treasures back to Asgard and gifts all of them to the gods. He gives himself none and in fact, there are no special items that are associated with Loki.   

What is the meaning of the story?

The meaning is quite clear, isn't it? It is the way that Loki teaches us how to maintain the relationships by providing other people with the things they want. It is not about giving other people the material gifts. But it is also about showing them that you do really care about them. Some people might need material things rather than caring for their mental comfort. But there are people who want other to care for them in a real and honest way rather than the materials. 

What I am trying to convey is that, the way to maintain the relationship wisely is to sincerely put your thought into it, not just throwing at other people the gifts to satisfy them. Show them you really care and you will get back what you want just like Loki in Norse mythology. 

We all know that Loki is the most complicated figure in Norse mythology. Because Loki did both harm and good to the Norse Pantheon. The troubles he causes annoy Norse gods and us the audience in the modern world. But the ideas that Loki comes up with to help others out of the troubles should also be taken into consideration. Through the Norse tales, we can see that Loki is a kind of man who knows how to treat people. Even if deep inside he might not want to treat other people in such a good way, he tries to maintain the relationships wisely and never shows a sign of unpleasantness. He might feel uncomfortable when he surrounds himself with gods who are his sworn enemies. But in order to have a room in Asgard and to serve the long-term goal (which might be to overthrow Norse gods), he has to maintain his relationship with the gods. 

Image of odin, Loki, and slepnir Lessons from the norse

Loki gifts Odin with Sleipnir who is Loki's child (Cre: Hellanim Deviantart)

Although many people think Loki is too fake, remember the situation Loki is in. He wants a rank in Norse Pantheon so he has to do something for it. He has to sacrifices something and devotes his time and effort to maintain the relationship with his enemies. Odin has his own goal (to obtain more knowledge) and so does Loki. He has his own goal. And he has his own way to reach the goal. 

Try to look this message from a positive angle. Let it all be surrounded with the lessons how to maintain the relationship wisely. If you want something from the others, you have to sacrifice something of yours. This is a way to show that you are making a fair deal with other. You want your relationships with other people to go smooth, you have to show them that you do care and don't want to see the destruction of that relationship. Nothing will come if you just sit there and pray. Gods will not show up in your life without your call. And your relationship will break down with your thoughtlessness and indifference. Exchange the gifts and go often to their house. 

A true friend

Whom you trust well

And wish for his goodwill

Go to him often

Exchange gift
And keep him company

(Wisdom saying from the poem Havamal)

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