How To Go To Valhalla Like the Viking Warriors?

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How To Go To Valhalla Like the Viking Warriors? 

In the Viking Age, the Viking warriors believed in the afterlife. But there were many types of afterlife as the Vikings believed. The brave would go to Valhalla with Odin the Allfather while the others would go to Helheim the land of the dead. 

But the question is how the Vikings went to Valhalla? What standards for the Vikings to become a dweller in Valhalla?

Worship Odin the Allfather

According to the saga, Odin was the ruler over Asgard and he was also the ruler of Valhalla. Valhalla meant the Great Hall for the Fallen. Those who fell in an honourable way would join Valhalla. 

But because the ruler of Valhalla was Odin, the warriors who wanted to join Valhalla had to worship Odin the Allfather. But with the literal and archaeological evidence, we can see that Odin was among the most worshipped gods in the Viking Age. For example, in the Viking Age, they would worship god Freyr for better agriculture and crop, god Thor for physical strength and bravery in battle, and Odin for wisdom and Valhalla. 

Viking Valhalla. How did the Viking go to Valhalla?

Viking Valhalla was for the brave warriors

Be honourable 

The definition of "honourable" in the Viking Age was not quite different from ours in this day and age. A Viking man should live according to what his clan held dear: worship gods, defend family and kinsmen, faith in love and marriage, respect for women, etc. 

Anyone who violated the standards of an honourable man would never be able to join Valhalla and would end up in Helheim the land of the dead. 

Die on battlefield 

Back to the Viking Age, the Vikings not only had war with their neighbouring kingdoms like Anglo-Saxons, but the Viking also fought another Vikings. This meant it was political turbulence back to the Viking Age. And political turbulence in those years meant they waged war against one another. Hardly could the warriors settled in peace. 

Viking Valhalla was for those who was brave enough to step in

Viking Valhalla was for those who were brave enough to step in

Accordingly, many Viking men took part in war in order to defend their family and clan. This led the Vikings to the belief that if they died a warrior death, they could join their deceased brothers in the hall of Valhalla feasting along with the gods, chanting, and fighting one another. 


After all, Valhalla was the most desired afterlife in the Viking Age. Up in Valhalla, the warriors would join Odin and other gods in the feasting table. The warriors would meet their fallen brothers who had died on the battlefield before them. 

Valhalla was the Great Hall and only those who met the Viking standard of brave warriors could go to Valhalla. There, they would fight one another and when Ragnarok broke on the sky, the warriors in Valhalla would take the side of Odin the Allfather to come to fight against the giant and defend Asgard. 

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  • You seem to forget that there where no guarantees that you would make it to Valhalla, it was up to the Valkyries to decide who they considered worthy of coming with them to Valhalla. Also Freya and Odin devided the dead between them so even if you did everything right in lifte there was a chance that you could go to Folkwang instead witch is Freyas realm.

    Chris on

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