How Did the Vikings Personalize Style in Viking Age?

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How Did the Vikings Personalize Style in Viking Age?

The Vikings were not only famous for their brutal attack and military attacks. They were well-known for their hygienic appearance as well. So the question here is what the Vikings used to do to personalize their style. If you desire a Viking appearance, below is the basic guide to Viking style for you. 

Hygiene, hygiene, and hygiene

The Vikings were listed among the most hygienic tribe in the period. When other tribes of the period bathed once or twice a year, the Vikings cleaned their bodies every week. The Vikings hated to re-use the water that others had used even it was merely used for hand washing. Generally, the Vikings always wanted to keep their appearance as neat and tidy as possible. The most common artifacts found inside the Viking graves were combs and tweezers. 

Viking combs were the common artifacts in the Viking excavations

Viking combs are the common artifacts found inside Viking excavations 

Blonde was the symbol of beauty

Indeed, in the Viking Age, blonde was the standard of beauty. They found ways to dye their hair in order to meet the beauty standard. Yet, not everyone in the Viking age dyed their hair to get blonde. 

The Vikings loved wearing colorful clothes

Media has been showing us that the Vikings wore dark clothes. Yet, the archaeologists found out that the Vikings preferred to wear bright colors like blue or red. Yet, not everyone could afford garments of these colors. Because it not only cost much but it also took a great effort to produce. 

Vikings loved wearing colorful clothes however not everyone in the society could afford it

The Vikings filed their teeth

Filing teeth was nothing weird in the Viking Age. Archaeologists found out remains of the Vikings with their teeth filed. Many skeletons from Swede had horizontal and deep grooves across their upper teeth. This, as the archaeologists believed, was to scare the foes in battle.

The Vikings tattooed from finger to neck

According to Ahmad Ibn Fahlan, an Arabian traveller, the Viking men drew their body from finger to neck with blue and green color. Whether this was a part of religious purpose or not remains a mystery. 

Some Vikings wore eyeliner

Although we are yet to find out the archaeological evidence of the Viking eyeliner, we have the literal evidence claiming that the Vikings wore eyeliner. Ibrahim Al-Tartushi who happened to live among the Vikings in Hedeby wrote in his records that:

There is also an artificial make-up for the eyes when they use it, beauty never fades, on the contrary, it increases in men and women as well.

Viking eyeliner

The Vikings loved wearing jewelry

Jewelry was also among the most common artifacts found in the Viking site. The Vikings did love to wear jewelry not only to improve their beauty but also to show off their wealth and high social status. Also, Viking jewelry was also associated with their religious belief. For example, the archaeologists excavated the Thor Hammer Pendant with the runic inscription "This is Hammer" proving the Viking jewelry for a religious purpose. 

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