Hamar Excavation: Best Preserved Viking Longhouse in Scotland

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Hamar Excavation: Best Preserved Viking Longhouse in Scotland 

Hamar excavation was a part of three longhouse excavations in Viking Unst excavations. With the help of cutting-edge technology, the three excavations yielded many valuable discoveries, especially the Hamar excavation - allegedly the best-preserved Viking longhouse in Scotland. 

The stones built the Hamar longhouse stood out and the archaeologists agreed that the house was a single-phase building rather than one altered over time. 

The excavation site of Viking Unst excavation

Location of the main Viking sites excavated in Unst

Inside the house, the archaeologists found out that the place was rich in organic remains like cereal grains, charcoal and peat ash. Some artifacts also found inside the place. According to the archaeologists, this was a construction for long-term use. For what found inside suggested that the hosts lived there for a long period of time. This means that the Vikings settled down in this foreign land in their time. 

Viking Hamar Longhouse

Viking Hamar longhouse

Viking Hamar longhouse excavation site

The actual site of the longhouse 

Viking longhouse

Archaeologists working on the site 

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