Gungnir: Odin's Spear that Never Missed The Target

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Gungnir: Odin's Spear that Never Missed The Target

Gungnir was the name of a mighty weapon in Nose mythology. The Gungnir spear belonged to Odin the Allfather. It was gifted to Odin by Loki who travelled the whole world to cause trouble to the Norse. 

In Norse mythology, Gungnir appeared to belong to Odin the Allfather. Most of the time, Odin appeared with his spear in many depictions. He appeared in a dark cloak with his hand holding the Gungnir spear, two wolves along and two ravens as his constant companions. It went back to the 9th century that Odin was believed to be the Gungnir's shaker. 

Like many other treasures and weapons, the Gungnir spear was created by the dwarves the most talented craftsmen in the cosmos. The only weapon in Norse mythology that could rival Norse mythology was Mjolnir hammer of Thor. The Gungnir used to demonstrate

According to the mythology, the Gungnir spear never smiled on the enemies. Despite being the god of war in Norse mythology, Odin hardly took part in the battle himself. Rather, Odin presented the tactics and wisdom in war. 

Odin the allfather Viking supreme god

Odin the Allfather holding the Gungnir spear in his hand. His ravens Huginn and Muninn were flying around. 

The Vikings believed that if ever Odin took part in the battle himself, Odin would throw the spear into the enemies to start the battle. Throwing a spear into the enemies' lines from that on has become the Viking fighting ritual. This was one of the Viking ways to scare the enemies off. 

Though spear was so common a weapon in the Viking age that many people might ignore it. The Viking spear itself embodies Odin's presence. Wherever the spear is, Odin is there to watch you. 

The Viking spear or the Gungnir spear is related to Odin the Allfather. 

In the modern sense, the Gungnir spear of Odin has reached away from the meaning that it presented Odin's power only. The modern Viking enthusiasts believe that Gungnir spear presents the Viking spirit that never misses any target in their life. It is the determination and the effort to reach out to the point of completing oneself.

"Never miss an opportunity" like the Gungnir spear never missed a target once it was hurled out. Once you have set a goal, you have to try your best to achieve what you want. Even if you miss it (because we all know we fail sometimes), you are sure to achieve something better. You just don't stay in one place. You have moved. You have made progress. Either you win or you learn. You never lose anything. It is the message after all. 

True warriors don't stop when they are tired. They stop when they are done. When they are done, they feast along the gods with Odin in Valhalla. 

Odin weapon Viking jewelry

Odin's Gungnir Spear Head Pendant Necklace featuring the Gungnir spear of Odin, the Valknut symbol, and the runes

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