God Tyr: How Tyr Sacrificed For the Good of His Clan?

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God Tyr: How Tyr Sacrificed For the Good of His Clan?

For many years, a group of scholars have been disputing over the topic of whether Tyr or Odin had a higher position in Norse Pantheon. With the modern adaptation and the materials we have, Norse mythology seems to revolve around Odin and Tyr is listed as a god of honour and justice in Norse mythology. After all, no matter what position Tyr had in Norse Pantheon, no one could deny the fact that Tyr held importance and his character interested us a lot. 

In Norse mythology, Tyr made a sacrifice for the good of his clan. 

Tyr and Fenrir in norse mythology

Tyr and Fenrir in the Binding of Wolf Fenrir 

This occasion happened when the gods decided to raise up Fenrir the Wolf up in Asgard. In the prophecy, Fenrir would grow up to be a monster and he would end the life of Odin the Allfather by swallowing him. Because of the prophecy, everyone harboured hatred toward Fenrir. Just they didn't say it didn't mean that there was no hatred toward Fenrir. 

But Tyr was different from others. He was the only one who dared to approach and feed Fenrir when he was just a little pup. Tyr was the only one. 

When Fenrir grew up at an incredible speed, the gods decided that they could no longer keep Fenrir up in Asgard. That's why the gods attempted to bind Fenrir with a chain to prevent him from wreaking any havoc to the world. But it was not until the third chain that the gods finally bound the Wolf. But Fenrir was wise enough to smell a rat. 

Fenrir ordered any god to put a hand in his mouth. And he made the gods vow to release him if he couldn't break the chain. The gods agreed to make a vow but no one was brave enough to put his hand in the mouth of the wolf, except for Tyr God of Honor and Justice. Scholars explained this deed of Tyr was a heroic action because he sacrificed for the good of the world. 

God Tyr in Norse mythology

Tyr sacrificed his hand for the good of his clan

Tyr felt ashamed for the breaking-oath deed of the gods. They vowed to release the wolf but they didn't follow their words. But he didn't want his clan to feel this guilt, so he voluntarily burdened this shame by putting his hand in the mouth of Fenrir. And of course, he never withdrew his hand and Fenrir did bite and swallow the hand of Tyr. 

If Odin made a sacrifice by himself for himself to gain the ability of rune reading, Tyr made a sacrifice by himself for the good of his clan. 

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