Four Viking Warriors' Burials Found in Pomerania

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Four Viking Warriors' Burials Found in Pomerania 

Recently, the archaeologists have declared that the four warriors found buried in Ciepłe (Pomerania) came from Scandinavia. By far, there have been about 60 burials found in the site and the archaeologists believe that there would be more. 

Regarding the four Viking warriors' burials, they were all luxuriously equipped. Samples of the remains inside the burials were sent for strontium isotope studies. This allowed scholars to determine origins, kinship, migration orientation, and even the appearance of the deceased. 

Viking burial in Pomerania

Drawing of the Viking man buried inside the grave with his afterlife offerings.

"It turned out that all the dead buried in the central part of the cemetery came not from the then Piast State, but from Scandinavia, most likely Denmark" - said Dr. Wadyl.

Swords, spears, horses, scales with weight, knives, combs, spearheads, etc. were all found inside the burials. And the archaeologists stated that this kind of burial only came from Scandinavian regions. 

Viking sword found in Pomerania

Z type sword found in the Viking burial 

According to the archaeologists, this discovery is quite exciting as it marks a new trace of the Viking warriors in a new part of the modern world. Moreover, it also contributed to archaeological knowledge.

For the Viking enthusiasts like us, this kind of discovery brings both excitement and worry. As we both want to see Viking archaeological artifacts and we also want the deceased warriors to forever lie to rest without any external disruption. 

Viking equipment buried in the grave

Equipment found inside the burial during the excavation

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