Elves in Norse mythology: Not Really Friendly Creatures

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Elves in Norse mythology: Not Really Friendly Creatures

Playing the harps inside the golden hall and wearing gorgeous clothes? No, that is not the true image of Norse elves. Instead, elves in Norse mythology were somewhat dangerous.

According to the mythology, elves were the shining creatures. The light from their bodies were so dazzling that people always compared it with sunlight. Many people might think that elves lived with the gods in the same stronghold. Many even connect the elves with the Vanir and the Aesir gods living in Vanaheim and Asgard respectively. But this was not true in Norse mythology.

Elves in Norse mythology

After all, the stories of elves remain a mystery for any Norse mythology enthusiasts

In Norse mythology, the elves lived in the land known as Alfheim meaning the land of elf.

However, the lines between elves and other creatures were a little bit blurry. We would find it hard to distinguish whom from whom.

The lord of the land of Elf was Freyr god of sunshine and summer. Freyr was the son of Njord God of Seafaring and also the brother of Freya Goddess of  War in Norse mythology.

Freyr God of summer and sunshine

God Freyr God of Summer and Sunshine with his Golden Boar 

The relationship between human and elves was quite complicated. Elves could help human out of many life troubles and adversity. However, they could also create mystery and spread illness to the human. Unless the human made sacrifire to the elves, they would never spare any life in a village.

Love between human and elves was also recorded. They often produced beautiful sons and daughters who had the similar appearance of a humand and the power of an elf.

However, when the Christianity was introduced into society, the practice of worshipping elf was pushed into oblivion forever.

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