Buddha Statue Found in Viking Burial Mound

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Buddha Statue Found in Viking Burial Mound 

One reason that the Vikings have got me fascinated about them is their acceptance of any religions. This started from their own belief - trusting in many gods and goddesses. And their supreme god was Odin the Allfather who always welcomed new things. The Vikings did, too. They welcomed whatever coming in their path, either pain or gain. 

When the archaeologists found the Oseberg ship, what struck them besides the ship was the Buddha bucket inside. This became the concrete that the Vikings once had contact with Buddhism and even welcomed another religion in their community. Note that welcome is a friendly word. 

Oseberg excavation

Oseberg excavation

The year was 1904 that the archaeologists finished their excavation of the Oseberg burial mound. Starting with the discovery of the Oseberg ship, the archaeologists later found out the ship was a part of the burial mound. 

But the excavation yielded incredible artifacts, especially the Viking ship which we know as the Oseberg. The skeletal remains of two women inside the Oseberg burial site suggested the high social rank of the Viking women who deserved an extremely luxurious funeral.

Buddha in Viking burial mound

The Buddha bucket had a figure making the joint of the bucket handle. That figure was practising the meditation position. He sat on the lotus position ("Padmāsana"). His head flat. Eyes closed and facial expression sank. The decorations on the chests were in the yellow, red, and blue colours. It was the swastika illustrating the front of the Buddha's cloak. The swastika in Buddism meant luck, good fortune, and blessing. 

Oseberg Buddha Bucket

Buddha Bucket

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