Bragi: God of Music and Poem Entertaining Odin's Warriors

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Bragi: God of Music and Poem Entertaining Odin's Warriors

Life without art is life with bore. The Vikings, during their time, realized the importance of art in their life. Accordingly, in the belief of the Vikings, they worshipped Bragi Norse God of Music and Poem. 

Although Bragi was seldom mentioned in Norse mythology, he played an important role as his qualities were necessary for the Vikings. 

In Norse mythology, Bragi was the son of Odin the Allfather and the giantess Gunnlod who guarded the Mead of Poetry. Bragi's wife was Idunn Goddess of Youth who was supposed to oversee the fruits of youth. They had many children but their names were never mentioned in the myth. 

Bragi and Idunn

Bragi and Idunn carrying the youth fruits

In other mythology, the ones who played the harps in the hall to entertain people were beautiful elves. But in Norse mythology, that one was Bragi. Indeed, Bragi was talented in music. His voice was so mesmerizing that many creatures in the cosmos wanted to keep his voice inside a cage to sing for them only. 

On Odin's behalf, he welcomed the fallen warriors inside Valhalla the Great Hall. When the Valkyries guided the fallen warriors who died a warrior death in Midgard to Valhalla, Bragi would take over them from the gate of Valhalla. 

Bragi Norse god of poem and music entertaining fallen warriors in Valhalla

All warriors would have the seat along the feasting tables and Bragi would entertain them with music and his beautiful voice. 

Bragi was also a god of eloquence. He would use his supporting and couraging words to motivate the fallen warriors. They might feel abandoned and neglected in Vahalla. But Bragi would inspire them waking up the warrior spirit inside them once again by his eloquence. 

Bragi was characterized by his long beard and harp. Many people believed that Bragi had runes carved inside his tongue. However, this is debunked by some Norse scholars who claimed that the old man with runes carved on the tongue was actually Odin. 

Bragi God of Eloquence in Norse mythology

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