Archaeological Discovery of Valkyrie Choosers of Valhalla Warriors

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Archaeological Discovery of Valkyrie Choosers of Valhalla Warriors

2012 witnessed an important archaeological discovery of the Valkyrie in Denmark. A group of four amateur archaeologists carried out this outstanding discovery. 

While walking on the field of Hårby with the metal detectors in the hands, the archaeologists heard the beeping sounds. The men took out their spade and set out digging. Much to his surprise, a small face with eye wide open looked at them. 

Image of Valkyrie statue

Valkyrie statue reveals itself from the land

The face belonged to the Valkyrie. The small thing that they found might have been a piece of jewelry that has not been worn for 1,200 years. This means that the small statue they found dated back to the Viking age. Nothing like this has been found so no comparison could be made in this case. Of course, the archaeologists didn't just show up at the land of Hårby and search for something. This plot of land for long has been famous for being rich of Viking artifacts. 

Image of the land Viking archaeological land in Denmark

The field of Hårby 

The legends of the Valkyries revolved around the powerful women who assisted Odin with choosing who to join Odin's army in Valhalla. It was an honor to feast along the gods so the majority of the Vikings respected the Valkyries. Because they were the ones who directly chose who deserve the chance to live in Valhalla. The modern images of the Valkyries were the women with the flowing hair and the curvy bodies. This modern depiction can be traced back to the musical artwork of Wagnar who also invented and popularized the Viking horned helmet.

Image of the Valkyrie statue Viking archaeological discovery viking artifact

Four views of the Valkyrie statue

Regarding the small statue of the Valkyries being found, we can see they are completely different from what the modern artwork depicted. The thumb-sized statue features a woman holding a shield and a double-edged sword. The statue was made of silver. The Valkyrie also wore clothes neatly and her hair twisted into a kind of ponytail. The hair of the Valkyrie forming a loop which suggests that the statue once might have been worn as a pendant. 

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