Alviss the Dwarf Who Almost Became Thor's Son-in-law

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Alviss the Dwarf Who Almost Became Thor's Son-in-law

In Norse mythology, there was a dwarf named Alviss who demanded Thor's daughter as his bride. 

Who was Alviss?

Alviss was an omniscient dwarf who knew nearly everything in the world. His name "Alviss" meant "All-wise" which explains his attributes. Alviss was always proud that there was nothing in the world that he didn't know. 

All tragedy started with an ancient promise

Alviss was promised the hand of Thor's daughter. As soon as Thor's daughter grew up to be a beautiful goddess, she would get married to Alviss, as the promise. And that day finally came. 

Alviss made his way straight to Asgard to ask for his bride. He came to the hall and talked to a god whom he didn't recognize "I want my bride and I have been waiting so long for this day". The god asked "Who are you? Or what kind of thing are you when your nose is pale? Did you sleep in a grave mound?" 

Alviss was a dwarf in Norse mythology. He was proud that he could answer any question in the world. Alviss the dwarf almost became the son-in-law of Thor God of Thunder and Storm

Alviss the dwarf came to Asgard to ask for his bride

"I am Alviss and I will marry Thor's daughter" answered the dwarf. He added "There is nothing in the cosmos that I don't know. I come here to bring my bride back home as a prize for the treasures that I have made. The gods cannot break their oath". 

"I will break it" answered the god who was actually Thor. The god of thunder claimed that he knew nothing about the promise. As Thor didn't witness the promise, it was a false promise. 

"Who are you?" asked the dwarf. Proudly and loudly in the voice "I am Thor God of Lightning and Thunder, son of Odin, and father of Thrud".

Although Thor claimed that Alviss would never win his daughter, the dwarf was willing to struggle for her. And then Thor challenged Alviss with multiple questions. 

Thor asked what each creature in the cosmos called the "Cloud". And Alviss replied:

'Heaven' men call it,
'The Height' the gods,
The Wanes 'The Weaver of Winds';
Giants 'The Up-World',
Elves 'The Fair-Roof',
The dwarfs 'The Dripping Hall'.

Many more questions like this were given out and Alviss simply answered them all. 

However, as the dawn broke on the horizon, the sunlight touched Alviss. The dwarf was so eager for the questions that he forgot that all his life was spent inside a cave and he couldn't expose to the sun. As a result, the sun turned Alviss into stone forever and after. 

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