8 Qualities of A Viking Warrior (Part 1)

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8 Qualities of A Viking Warrior

There must be a reason why the Viking warriors still have their names known in modern times. Many claimed that the Vikings were savage to their victims, pillaging, raping, rading, etc. But the truth was, if they had not become savage, they would have died. Medieval society was never like our modern time. This blog post will discuss 4 out of 8 major qualities for a Viking warrior. 


The Viking warriors were courageous. Courage was one of the most important points for anyone to become a warrior. 

Courageous people could be described as those individuals who really believed in themselves. Viking army warriors usually knew exactly what they stood up for as well as who they really were. 

Viking shieldmaiden

Viking shieldmaiden 

The Vikings also worshipped Thor God of thunder and storm who was famous for his courage. This was believed to make up the trait of courage for the Vikings. 


The Vikings were ambitious. Extremely ambitious for something bigger and better. They dreamt of new land and they set out to find new land.

The Vikings did not agree to stay in their ancestral land only. The Vikings always looked beyond their boundaries. They never lived in their comfort zone. Maybe they truly knew that their life would begin when they stepped out of their comfort zone.

Keeping themselves ambitious for what they wanted, they made their names be heard around the cosmos. 

Viking ship voyage

Viking ships brought the Viking beyond their boundaries 

Treasure life 

It was true that the Vikings could sacrifice their life for their faith, quite like a martyr. But it didn't mean that the Vikings wanted their death to be in vain. The Vikings treasured their life a lot. Many literal sources suggested this opinion. 

For example, in Havamal stanza 71 said that: 

The lame can ride horse, the handless drive cattle,
the deaf one can fight and prevail,
'tis happier for the blind than for him on the bale-fire,
but no man hath care for a corpse.

The stanza above suggested that those with physical disabilities had a chance to make something remarkable in life. But no one would care about the deceased ones if their life had nothing to write about. This showed the Viking tradition of treasuring their life. Every time they could take a breath, they felt grateful for that. 


This was a common thing in the Viking community. To their enemies, they were savage, sparing them no lives. But to their brothers, they could even sacrifice their life for the good of their best brothers. 

The concept of brothers in the Vikings and in any military army did not have to do with the blood. If they treated each other good, they became brothers. Brotherhood was not by blood, but by bonds. 

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