5 Easy and Dynamic Viking Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

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5 Easy and Dynamic Viking Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

Every day many of us are on the net looking for something interesting to apply in our life. The primary goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this blog post, we are to share top 5 easy and dynamic Viking Habits that we believe can guide anyone to the healthy and happy life. 

5 Viking Habits that Can Instruct You A Healthy Lifestyle

Before we start, a little reminder is that building a habit takes time. But anyone with the Viking blood in their vein is always persistent.

More veggies, please!

In the Viking age, people might not have known the good benefit of consuming veggies. Maybe it was easy to grow vegetables and there was an abundance of them. So every Viking meal always included a variety of vegetables. 

It doesn't mean that we should consume only vegetables. The key point is that the Vikings balance the intake of both meat and vegetables. We do not know how much meat they consumed per week. But we bet they must have consumed more vegetables a day compared with us today. 

Viking meall included a variety of vegetables. It became one of the Easy Viking Habits to practice

The Vikings consumed a variety of vegetables during their meal. They also knew to balance the intake of meat and vegetables

Exercise every day

Make your body actually work before you say "I wish I had". Everyone wants to be comfortable and relaxed. The Vikings might have wanted, too. But the harsh weather and the responsibility didn't allow them to stay in their comfort zone. 

They had to support their family so they had to work. Physical work like farming, hunting, and fishing was the way the Vikings exercised. Some sources mentioned that they worked even in the extremely cold weather. For example, they moved from place to place by skiing. That is to say, no weather condition could prevent them from making them sweat. 

Among the Viking habits, exercising is the best way to keep your body in good shape to deal with problems

Remember that sweat is just fat crying. The Vikings trained themselves everyday to keep their good body shape

You might feel a little bit shy when you hit the gym for the first time. You might feel uncomfortable the first time you try a yoga pose. But when you overcome this fear, you train yourself. Not only is it about you physics but also your mentality. 

Commune with nature 

You must be surrounded with blocks and concrete every day. Tired as it is, you still spend no time being with nature around you. 

In the past, the living condition forced the Vikings to be in nature. Because they needed to farm, hunt, and generally to survive. Unintentionally, this must have helped them to live a more relaxing life and to work more effectively. 

In the modern sense, we should not always attribute nature to the jungle. Yes, nature consists of the jungle. But it now can be a park, an outdoor gym, etc. Anywhere to disconnect us from the concrete block or the office desks. 

It is recommended that you have a kind of picnic in the place full of green trees. But if you cannot spare much time, a 10-minute walk in the park for fresh air is an excellent idea. 

Viking habits to commune with nature is the best way to relax after your hard-working day

Your appearance matters

The Vikings were not the barbarians like many movies depict them. In fact, they were among the most hygienic people in their time. They bathed a lot, washed their hands, groomed their hair, and kept their surrounding tidy and neat. 

We cannot know why the Vikings wanted to improve their appearance so much. But we are sure that this Viking habit is among the most positive. 

It is good to be a nice person who treats people right. But it will be much better to be a nice and a good-looking one. 

Viking habits to care for their appearance. Appearance matters

It is nice to never judge anyone with their appearance. But we all know that appearance matters. It always does.

We mean improve appearance but just to the point that you feel comfortable with it. There is no need wearing clothes of famous brand or putting too much makeup. We know you are just trying to make yourself more attractive. But if it makes you uneasy, cease it and think or ask for another way. 

Believe in something 

This doesn't mean you have to follow a religion. But having something to believe in your life is the best way to overcome your darkest time. "Something" we mention here can be the real story, a legendary mythology. It might be someone or even yourself.

And yes, believing in yourself is the key to great achievement in life. The Vikings believed in their gods. And we bet they believed in themselves even more. Building a ship was hard when the technology started from zero. But the Vikings believed in the better land and they also believed they could travel there to change their life. And they historically did. 

With the self-belief, one can build their self-confidence, get rid of negative thoughts, and make a closer step to success. 


The first step is always the hardest. But as long as we finish the first step of building these Viking habits, we triumph over the fear within ourselves.

How many times have you quit building a habit? Or how many times have you said no to try something because you think it is difficult. Finding an excuse to rid challenge in your life is easy. You might feel comfortable at that time only.

But nothing venture, nothing gain. You will get no result or positive change in your life, let alone do something to the community. 

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, surround yourself around your good fellows, and let the Viking Habits instruct you to place your hand on the great achievement of life. 

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