10 Things About Norse Mythology That You Don't Know

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10 Things About Norse Mythology That You Don't Know

Norse mythology is not merely a collection of magical and unexplainable stories but it is also the root of the Viking belief. 

In this blog post, we dwell into 10 things about Norse mythology that you might miss out.

1. Most of the days of our week are named after the gods.

Sunday (Sol's Day - Protector of the Sun), Monday (Mani - The Protector of the Moon), Tuesday (Tyr's day - God of Justice and Honor), Wednesday (Wodan's Day - Odin's Day), Thursday (Thor's Day), Friday (Frigg's Day - Queen of Asgard / Freya's Day - Goddess of War).

2. Valhalla was not the only afterlife for the fallen warriors. There was a field known as Folkvangr. It was the field for the fallen warriors that teamed up with Freya Goddess of War. 

Valhalla was the most desired afterlife for every Viking warrior

Valhalla was not the only afterlife for the Viking warriors. There was another after named Folkvangr ruled over by Freya Goddess of War. 

3. In Norse mythology, Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, killed the primaeval giant Ymir - the first giant ever existing in the cosmos. They used the skull to make the sky, brain for the clouds, blood for the ocean, tooth and bones for the cliff and mountains, etc.

Odin, Vili, and Ve created the world off from the body of Ymir the giant

Odin, Vili, and Ve fashioned the world. 

4. Odin had many sons in Norse mythology.

Odin fathered Thor God of thunder and lightning, Baldur Prince of Asgard, Hodr (Baldur's twin) Heimdall Guardsman of Asgard, Vidar God of Revenge, Bragi God of Poem and Music, and Hermod.

5. The children of Loki included Fenrir the Wolf, Jormungand the Serpent, Hel the Queen of Underworld, Sleipnir the eight-legged horse (Loki mothered Sleipnir), Narfi, and Nari.

6. The first human couple in Norse mythology was Ask and Embla. They were created by Odin, Vili, and Ve. While they were wandering off the seashore, they found out two logs from which they carved into something resembling themselves. The gods gave them thought, feeling, emotions, etc. 

7. Heimdall the Guardsman of Asgard was the son of Odin and Nine Maidens in Norse mythology.

Heimdall was brought up by his mothers. They utilised the strength of the earth, the ice-cold of the sea, and the blood of boar. Heimdall grew up with the qualities of being a guardsman of Asgard. His eyesight was sharp enough to see all the things approaching Asgard in all direction. He could hear the grass growing in the world below as well. 

8. Odin always appeared to be a one-eyed old man in a cloak in Norse mythology. An old man looked more experienced and wiser. The reason why Odin was one-eyed was that he gave one eye to the Well of Mimir from which he got an infinite source of knowledge.  

Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology always appeared to be an old man with beard and cloak. He was one-eyed

Odin the Allfather was one-eyed and wearing dark cloak all the time.

9. When Odin was slain by the wolf of Fenrir, it was Vidar one of Odin's sons that sought revenge for the death of his father.

Vidar had been staying silent for the whole mythology. His character was for this time - revenge. He stepped one foot on the mouth of Fenrir and thrust a sword into his mouth. 

10. Ragnarok in Norse mythology was not End game for the world. Ragnarok was the End of Norse Pantheon. Because after Ragnarok, a new world would be reborn. 

Norse mythology has been a great source of inspiration for Der Ring des Nibelung (by Richard Wagner), The Hobbit, Lord of the Ring (J.R.R. Tolkien). 

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