10 Things about Loki that You Don't Know

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10 Things about Loki that You Don't Know

Loki was one of the most important figures in Norse mythology. He played a role as the most cunning Norse trickster who often put other gods in trouble. One funny thing was that he often made heroic efforts to help people out of trouble he caused. But there are many awesome things that we might miss about Loki. Check to see how many points you have:

Regarding about Loki's reputation these days, only Thor can rival his reputation. The pair (Thor and Loki) are gaining more and more reputation than ever before thanks to many modern artworks like comics and blockbusters. But of course, many details in modern adaptations are different from the original Norse myth. Below are some cool things about Loki that you don't know:

1. Loki is not a god. He came from the land of Jotunheim the land of the giants who are Gods' enemies. To support this point, there is no surviving trace of worshipping Loki back in the ancient times. Plus, he is the son of the giant couple who has nothing to do with Gods. 

Image of Norse gods 10 things about Loki that you don't know

Loki persuades Norse gods to let him stay in Asgard

2. Loki uses his fast talk to persuade Norse gods to let him live in Asgard. He appears with Norse Pantheon. The title such as "god of trickster" is just lately coined. 
3. Loki mothers an eight-legged horse. It's weird but it's true in myth. Loki seduces a male horse into the forest. Later, he delivers an eight-legged horse whose name is Sleipnir. Loki gives his Sleipnir horse to Odin and Sleipnir becomes the fastest horse in the cosmos. 

Image of Odin horse Sleipnir son of Loki

Odin on Sleipnir eight-legged horse son of Loki

4. Loki kills Odin's son. Knowing that Baldur Odin's son can only be harmed by the mistletoe, Loki tricks Hodr the blind god into throwing the mistletoe arrow toward Baldur. Norse gods severely punish Loki for his crime. 
5. Loki refuses to save Baldur Odin's son. When Baldur is supposed to stay in Helheim land of death, Norse gods travel to meet the queen of Helheim and asks her to retrieve Baldur back. Queen of Helheim demands if all creatures weep for Baldur, he can be back to life. Loki in disguise of a giant refuses to weep. 
6. Loki shapeshifts himself into a fish and hides in a river in order not to be seized by Gods. But Thor captures him. 
7. Loki insults Norse Pantheon once in the Aegir's party. This occasion is vividly portrayed in Lokasenna. 
8. When he is bored, he will come up with ideas to trick others. For example, one day, he finds himself in no mood for anything, he sneaks into the room of Thor's wife, Sif. Guess what, he cuts off Sif's beautiful golden hair.
8. Loki gives Norse gods with many treasures: Mjolnir hammer of Thor, Gungnir spear of Odin, Gullinbursti boar of Freyr god of summer and sunshine, etc.

Image of Thor Viking god of strength and thunder

Mjolnir hammer of Thor is a gift from Loki

9. Loki is a master of shapeshifting. He can shapeshift into any creatures in the cosmos. 
10. In Ragnarok, Loki faces his sworn enemy Heimdall the Guard of Asgard's Gate. The two end up slaying each other.

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