1,100-Year-Old Viking Sword Found in High Attitude by Hunters

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1,100-Year-Old Viking Sword Found in High Attitude by Hunters

Viking artifact never disappoints the Viking enthusiasts. It was at the beginning of winter 2017 that the reindeer hunter happened to find the Viking sword in the best-preserved condition in Southern Norway. 

The reindeer hunter Einar Åmbakk was on his hunting adventure on the high mountain. And then he came across the blade on the high altitude. 

Viking sword found in high altitude still in good condition

Archaeologists and hunters working together on the find spot

The finding spot, later according to the insightful archaeologists, was located on 1640 m above the sea level. When Einar Ambakk found the sword, it was lying with the hilt hiding behind the stone and half of the blade revealing outside. He saw the blade and tried to pull it out. As soon as he saw it completely, he knew he had found a sword. 

Viking sword artifact pulled out from stone in high altitude

Viking sword pulled out from the stone 

Viking sword artifact 1,100 years old found in Southern Norway

It was unlikely that the sword had been buried and revealed itself because of the permafrost movement of the stones. The scholars agreed that the sword was either in the finding spot or slid down there between the stone. 

The archaeologists hoped to find more artifacts in the surrounding site. However, by far, the sword has been the only one found in the spot. It is an isolated find. 

What makes the sword unique is its well-preserved condition. It may seem impossible for a piece of metal to survive there after 1,100 years. But such incredible survival appeared in the high mountain in South Norway. 

The point of the Viking sword found in Northern Norway

The point of the sword was rounded like the common Viking sword in the same age

Archaeologists agreed that it is not simply a luck that helped the sword to endure such a long time. Rather, it is the combination of good material and the high altitude. The metal to forge the sword was the prime material. The high attitude where the sword rested means the cold weather. Freezing and low temperature are the best conditions to preserve things for a long period. And the time of 1,100 years is completely mind-blown. 

It is truly amazing to observe the sword in the flesh. Not only does the sword look like new but it has nearly no bending and scratches. 

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